Cloud Compliance. Simplified.

Datica provides the easiest way to deploy AWS cloud resources that are secure and continually adhere to major compliance frameworks, like HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 2, and more.

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An easier way to do infrastructure compliance

Engineering teams don’t always have an overwhelming amount of compliance experience, nor should they necessarily be compliance or security experts to begin with!

Datica Cloud Compliance (DCC) eliminates compliance ambiguity and gives your engineering teams the tools to provision, deploy, and manage AWS cloud resources that are compliant with major frameworks in a matter of minutes.


DevOps (and compliance) made easy

Datica Cloud Compliance alleviates the burden of being infrastructure, security, and compliance experts. Focus on your application and automate everything else.

Bring your application as-is

Automate build and deploy of anything with a Dockerfile or CloudNative BuildPack. Simply add and deploy as a code service in DCC – doesn’t matter the language or development framework.

Easily create and manage CI/CD pipelines

Connect a repository and get an automatically compliant CI/CD environment for code deployment.

Automatically compliant AWS infrastructure

Run your containerized application next to automatically compliant PaaS services like Elasticache, Aurora, S3, and more.

Built for scale

Adjust your consumption of AWS cloud services based on what you need at any given moment with a few clicks. Increase, decrease, or pause instances whenever you need to.

Real-time compliance

The Datica Cloud Compliance API gives you the power and flexibility to manage the configuration and deployment of your applications how you want. Deploy or make a change in the DCC UI or using the DCC API – everything stays in sync.

Proof of infrastructure compliance

Underlying configuration automation ensures adherence with your desired compliance framework. Everything you need to prove your infrastructure is compliant is readily available in the UI and AWS console.

Supporting major compliance frameworks

Everything for compliance in one place

  • Real-time UI and powerful, compliance API to manage everything in your AWS account

  • Deploy compliant AWS services in minutes

  • Add team members and manage access permissions

  • Service-level billing to track cloud spend on AWS

  • Optional policies and procedures tailored to your infrastructure and business

  • Jump to the AWS console for additional insights whenever you need them

Simplify application and container management

  • Run containers and scheduled jobs

  • On-demand, vertical and horizontal scaling

  • Pull from a public or private registry

  • Secure environment to deploy your application

  • Automatic load balancing

  • DNS, TLS, and mTLS encryption

  • Backups and restores enabled by default

  • CloudWatch logs and metrics provide visibility of compliance adherence

Easily manage code and environments

  • Pull your code from any Git repo

  • Secure environments for continuous integration/continuous deployment

  • Flexibility to do parallel builds at once

  • Manage/edit environment variables and secrets

  • Control aspects of networking (CIDR, TCP, etc.)

  • Preview environments before pushing to production

Without specific compliance and DevOps knowledge, provisioning a compliant S3 bucket requires about 40 configurations and takes almost 30 minutes for even an experienced AWS user.

Compliance Lifecycle Automation

Compliance is not a one-and-done activity. Changes to compliance frameworks, your infrastructure or application, and a myriad of other factors can all affect your ability to remain compliant over time.

Compliance Lifecycle Automation helps you avoid drift and keep your compliance scope limited. Datica Cloud Compliance easily fits with your existing development process and effortlessly into greater the compliance lifecycle, saving you months of effort and thousands of dollars on compliance each year.

Get (and stay) compliant on AWS. Datica Cloud Compliance makes it easy.