Cloud Compliance. Simplified.

From startup to enterprise, Datica provides the easiest way to deploy, manage, and scale compliant solutions in the cloud. Automate compliance for HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 2, and NIST so your teams can innovate quickly without headaches.

A straightforward process to compliance


Automatically provision and configure AWS to meet compliance targets – including your account, environments, and cloud resources.


Seamless integration with CI/CD best practices. Simply connect your code pipelines and repository to get deploying.


Security policy guidelines, automated remediation, and evidence collection streamline annual audit activities.


Reduced expertise, time, and expense associated with security and compliance attestation/certification.

Trusted by leading technology companies

Supporting major compliance frameworks

Cloud compliance for modern technology teams

Compliance via deployment automation

Provision, scale, and deploy compliant services via platform or API without having to think about hundreds of compliance rules and configurations.

Code service management and a deployment pipelines make pushing your code to container images effortless.

Intuitive UI for application management provides a simple way for teams to stay on top of how code intersects with your cloud services.

Complete compliance visibility

Review the status of your environments and cloud services in real-time with dashboards mapped to controls and policies.

Automatically generate and export necessary policy and procedure evidence for easy proof-of-compliance, saving hours and hours at the very least.

Cloud ownership, control, and flexibility

Unlike other compliance vendors and limited compliance tools, we give your own AWS account with direct AWS console access.

Increase the usability of AWS while decreasing your necessary compliance scope at the same time.

Choose any compliance framework

Need to comply with multiple frameworks and don't want to manage all of it yourself? Conformance packs give you the flexibility to use multiple compliance frameworks in the same AWS account through environment-level compliance configurations.

Supported Frameworks include: HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 2, and NIST

Shave months (and thousands of dollars) off getting compliant:

Hundreds of compliance checks. (That you don't have to do yourself.)