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The burdens of compliance slow down your business

Shared Responsibility

Shared Responsibility is still your responsibility

When you deploy your workloads onto cloud service providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, you are always responsible for a major portion of the compliance burden, predominantly at the operating system level. Addressing the gap is not rocket science, but is tedious and expensive. More importantly, it gives a reason for compliance officers to say "No" to using the cloud.

EHR integration

Interoperable data requires interoperable infrastructure

Modern health IT is an ecosystem of solutions, which means digital health products must have a strategy to integrate with existing EHRs or other systems of record like PACs. Integrating with legacy on-premises systems is not easy when your architecture is on the cloud. Compliance, security, privacy, VPNs, and 1980s-era protocols are requirements for true interoperability.

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Compliant Kubernetes Service

Datica CKS bridges security and compliance with Kubernetes® to offer a complete, enterprise cloud-native solution for regulated industries. We deploy a managed Kubernetes cluster on your cloud account which is then configured to a perfectly compliant state every five minutes.

  • The only fully compliant Kubernetes service out there
  • HITRUST CSF v9.1 Certified, GDPR Compliant
  • Immediate AWS availability, Azure and GCP coming soon
  • Compatible with managed services like AWS RDS

Compliant Managed Integration

Datica CMI solves the entire process of integration, enabling real-time data exchange with EHRs. We do this by focusing on a required blend of expertise, services, open source, and addressing infrastructure compliance and security concerns.

  • Translates hard-to-use data standards to REST APIs
  • You own the transformations, meaning zero lock-in
  • Vendor app store compatible
  • Predictable pricing


Datica CPaaS is the fastest path to hosting compliant healthcare applications. As easy as git-push.

  • Quickly deploy IPSEC or TLS VPNs in minutes
  • Nightly backups
  • Self-service scaling of internal application and database services
  • Proactive health checks

Build Breakthrough Compliant Apps

We were dying to use the cloud but were really stuck: We knew we wanted to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) but there were all these things we couldn’t do to make that work, like HIPAA compliant DevOps, HITRUST, and infrastructure security. Datica puts us in the situation where we can get back to our core competency because they handle everything we need to be able to use AWS.

David Deas
David Deas

Corporate Director, Innovation and Knowledge Analytics

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

World-class companies trust Datica

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Why hundreds of companies turn to Datica

Inherited trust

Datica customers have passed over 1,100 security and risk assessments. When an organization chooses Datica for policy-driven application deployment across projects, they acquire the security and compliance assurances that make healthcare development less risky.

Cost-effective domain expertise

Using your own resources to build a compliance management layer is dilutive and ineffective. HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, GxP, SOC2, HL7, FHIR — healthcare is a soup of acronyms, all requiring individual expertise for you to be successful. Lean on our expertise for a fraction of the cost.

Speed to value

Initial setup for true compliant infrastructure can take months and bust budgets — internal IT, security, compliance, cloud operations, and finance folks slow down the process even further. Skip all that and get your digital health product in the hands of users crazy fast.

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