Health Data at Scale

Datica takes on EHR integration and cloud compliance so you can focus on your most important work.

Fast-Track Your Health IT Solutions with Datica

Datica solves two of health IT’s most difficult challenges—EHR integration and cloud compliance. Our expertise provides customers the confidence and infrastructure to scale quickly and securely.


Delivering innovative health IT solutions requires data integration between multiple electronic health records (EHRs), clinical systems, and third-party applications. Integration is essential, but it can quickly veer into an obstacle course that takes your team off track.

Datica solves this for you by removing the integration roadblocks so your IT team can stay on course to handle what matters most.

Our Datica Integrate solution enables health data integration from any source to any destination, in any format.

Cloud Compliance

In today’s world compliance is a basic requirement when working with health systems. Check that box faster with Datica.

Compliance isn’t a one and done activity. Get compliant in the cloud (quickly and easily) without the continued headaches of managing the aspects of managing compliance yourself.

Customer after customer has become HITRUST compliant with Datica. No matter how unique your compliance needs – you can be audit-ready.

As your needs grow and evolve, we’re there to support you. We will continue to offer new compliant cloud services based on customer requests and market need, as well as advise while you venture into using new cloud services.

Customer Spotlight

Advanced Data Integration Helps Deliver Next-Gen Telepharmacy

PipelineRx offers a combination of virtual pharmacist services (“telepharmacy”) and clinical pharmacy software that allows hospitals of all sizes to optimize pharmacy staffing and workflow to reduce labor costs and improve patient care. This also frees up more pharmacist resources to address high-value clinical services, such as patient discharge management and antimicrobial stewardship, and to round with care teams.

Because hospital and health systems use various electronic health record (EHR) platforms and HL7 technology, PipelineRx’s virtual pharmacists were frequently juggling five or more windows on a single monitor as they reviewed and verified medication orders from different facilities. In order to get the data needed, telepharmacists also had to access native files, take screenshots, attach spreadsheets, and copy the data into the EHR, as required by state laws. This caused repetitive tasks and an inefficient use of the pharmacist’s time, in addition to the potential for inadvertent errors.

In order to make their SaaS-based solution work seamlessly, PipelineRx needed a partner that could enable them to pull in unverified pharmacy data and verify it in their platform for easy access.

Get Data Moving

Innovative digital health solutions require speed. Don't let integration and compliance you slow down.