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HIPAA / HITRUST Self Assessment Guide
Guide Preview

This lightweight self-assessment worksheet illuminates the cloud requirements of HIPAA that you need to plan for in your own digital health product.

HIPAA Compliance
Datica Blog

Health IT Predictions for 2020

Dave Levin, MD

Chief Medical Officer

It’s January and that means it is time to make some predictions about health IT trends for 2020. This year, I am sticking with the categories of predictions based on patterns observed over the years.

event-note January 23, 2020
Datica Podcasts

Innovation and Improving Healthcare

Beth Bortz

Present and CEO of Virginia Center for Health Innovation, VCHI

On this episode of 4x4 Health we dive into the major issues surrounding health quality, medication assistance, public health awareness, and physician leadership with president and CEO of Virginia Center for Health Innovation, Beth Bortz.

event-note December 17, 2019
Know the complete compliance state of your cloud environment
Solving Healthcare Compliance in a Post-Cloud World White Paper
Guide Preview

In this white paper, we explore the critical factors behind cloud compliance for companies in the extremely regulated industry of healthcare.

Healthcare Cloud