About Us

The compliance layer for cloud native apps

Why We Exist

Empowering Digital Health Success

The complexity of compliance on the cloud is holding back the adoption of cloud native technology in highly regulated industries. By removing compliance as a concern, we do our part to help propel technology transformation in industries that lag behind. But digital health faces a multi-faceted problem, which is why we published the Digital Health Success Framework. Helping to address these challenges is why we extend our expertise into other infrastructure-related problems, like interoperability with Electronic Medical Records.

What We Are

The Most Secure and Compliant Infrastructure Possible

The hardest part about compliance on the cloud is between the physical infrastructure (which is the responsibility of AWS, Azure, or GCP) and your application. In another words, the operating system layer of cloud native architectures. We solve that by helping you address your attestation responsibilities with a suite of products built to fit your specific use case on the cloud.

How We Do It

Best Practices are Best Practices

HITRUST Certified

By mapping the very best compliance management frameworks, like the HITRUST CSF, to the requirements of other global regimes, we give customers a compliance story across geographies. We started with HIPAA in 2013, tackling the requirements of the most conservative and highest regulated industry on the cloud, and have expanded since then.

How We Create Value

Compliance Breeds Innovation

Cloud native computing foundation

When regulated organizations have a handle on their cloud compliance program, they can innovate at the speed necessary to keep pace with the competition. It's a disruptive world out there, and the cloud gives companies an edge. Controlling compliance on the cloud is a step towards avoiding disruption.

What We Believe

Trust Is Earned

  • Compliance moves at the speed of trust.
  • Transparency is how complex subjects, like HIPAA or GDPR, become easier to understand. We're trusted because we're transparent.
  • Healthcare application development shouldn't be harder than other industry just because of HIPAA. Doing business in the European Union shouldn't be harder because of GDPR. Compliance shouldn't block progress.
  • Give back to the developer community whenever possible. Use open source tools whenever possible. Learn more about our open source contributions.
  • We know we can't make the cloud better alone. Industry collaboration is important. Work together for the greater good.
May 2013
Company is originally founded as Catalyze, a startup focused on helping digital health manage HIPAA on the cloud.
Spring 2014
Blue Shield California and The Department of Veterans Affairs become customers, establishing Catalyze as a trusted partner.
Dept. of Veteran AffairsBlue Shield of California
October 2014
Catalyze completes first managed integration, a service which now helps customers send and receive millions of messages per day.
The Healthcare Innovation Series interviews some of the industry's best thought leaders asking the question How does healthcare innovate? The interviews were summarized in the ebook 7 Big Ideas.
July 2015
Catalyze achieves its first HITRUST CSF Certification, which has been renewed annually since.
Nov. 2015
Catalyze reaches 100 customers.
Apr. 2016
CEO Travis Good, MD, is founding member of the Business Associate Council within the HITRUST Alliance.
Sept. 2016
Catalyze raises $6.5 Million in Series B financing to meet the growing need of trusted connectivity within enterprise healthcare.
Feb. 2017
Catalyze is now Datica. Read about the transition
March 2018
Datica launches Kubernetes-enabled platform to extend AWS and cloud accounts for customers.
May 2018
Datica Celebrates 5th anniversary as a compliance and security leader for the cloud.
June 2018
Datica joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.
September 2018
The Complete Cloud Compliance book is published.
October 2018
Datica announces the Cloud Compliance Management System (CCMS), giving customers constant visibility of the precise state of their cloud environments.

A Strong Backing

Arthur Ventures
Baird Ventures
Chicago Ventures
Lewis and Clark Ventures