Aaron Neinstein, MD

Aaron Neinstein, MD

Professor of Medicine, UCSF; Director of Clinical Informatics, UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation

Dr. Aaron Neinstein is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, as well as the Director of Clinical Informatics in the [UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation](http://centerfordigitalhealthinnovation.org/). He is board-certified in Endocrinology, Clinical Informatics, and Internal Medicine. In addition to his UCSF clinical Endocrinology practice, he has helped lead the implementation of the Epic EHR at UCSF and many projects to improve clinical care and efficiency.

He believes strongly that the industry needs to make health information easier for patients and doctors to access, share, understand, and use in day to day care. By creating tighter feedback loops between doctors and patients when communicating and sharing health information, Dr. Neinstein believes we can improve care. He also helped found [Tidepool](http://centerfordigitalhealthinnovation.org/), a non-profit, open-source cloud platform and modern apps for managing type 1 diabetes. He is now Clinical Director for a collaboration between Cisco and UCSF to build a [Connected Health Interoperability Platform](http://www.connectinghealthdata.com/).

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