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March 15, 2018

HL7 202 - The HL7 ACK (Acknowledgement message)

The HL7 acknowledgment message, HL7 ACK, is critical for smooth, ongoing HL7 communication. Learn the nuances of HL7 ACK messages, segments, and codes.

Rick Wattras

Engineering Director

tag hl7 ack messaging
March 14, 2018

HL7 102 - Anatomy of an HL7 message

This deep dive explains HL7 message types, message structure, message segments, codes, fields and the complete anatomy of an HL7 message.

Rick Wattras

Engineering Director

tag hl7 messaging
August 24, 2020

HL7 101 - A primer

HL7 is a healthcare industry standard for messaging between applications, for example from EHR to PMS. Learn HL7 basics, including HL7 v2 and v3.

Rick Wattras

Engineering Director

tag hl7 integration fhir
August 3, 2020

HL7 201 - The Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) Message

HL7 ADT message types are the most common HL7 messages. We explain ADT message structure, segments, and event types, including HL7 ADT message examples.

Rick Wattras

Engineering Director

tag hl7
May 4, 2016

HL7 204 - The HL7 Scheduling messages, SIU and SRM

The HL7 SIU and HL7 SRM message types are HL7 appointment scheduling messages with date and time, resources, services, location, and more appoint info.

Rick Wattras

Engineering Director

tag hl7 siu hl7 srm
May 11, 2016

HL7 205 - The HL7 MDM (Medical Document Management) Message

The Medical Document Management (MDM) message is a commonly used HL7 message type that provides information about new or updated notes or documents.

Rick Wattras

Engineering Director

tag hl7 mdm integrate
September 3, 2018

HL7 203 - The HL7 ORM (Order Entry) Message

The Order Entry (ORM) message is a common HL7 message type. ORM messages contain information about an order, most commonly radiology or lab orders.

Rick Wattras

Engineering Director

tag hl7 orm
November 9, 2020

Introduction to FHIR

The FHIR acronym stands for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources. FHIR is a new open-sourced interoperability standard of the HL7 organization.

Jeremy E. Pierotti

Co-founder and President

tag fhir
August 10, 2018

Integrating HL7 with a RESTful API

RESTful APIs are the backbone of many webservices today. Having the tools to integrate an not-natively-RESTful interface engine with this common standard opens a lot of possibilities. In the healthcare space, queuing the HL7 properly is critical. In this article, we explore ways to do this properly.

Mohan Balachandran

Former Co-Founder

tag hl7 mirth
April 4, 2018

How to integrate with Epic (or any EHR)

Let's walk through the names, players, and timelines for delivering your first HL7 Epic integration or any other EHR integration like Cerner or Allscripts.

Dave Levin, MD

Co-Founder and Former Chief Medical Officer

Rick Wattras

Engineering Director

tag hl7 ehr integration