Audit partnerships. Simplified.

Datica helps simplify your audit process with customers. Reduce back-and-forth with clients, increase completed audits, and build successful relationships.

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Supporting major compliance frameworks

Let's make audits simple for everyone

Streamline audits with your customers for a variety of frameworks including SOC 2, HITRUST, HIPAA, and NIST.

Delight customers with a simple, end-to-end compliance and audit experience

Our platform makes the audit process transparent with standard monitoring, reporting, and evidence. Don't spend time and resources going back-and-forth with your customers.

Expand audit opportunities

We’re here to help you succeed and the way to do that is through expanding your customer base. Work with us and get a solid pipeline of audit leads and opportunities. Get more audits done, expand your business.

Automate compliance pain away

Simplify the painful parts of the audit process by automating it away. Reduce the number of manual items to review, ultimately saving you and your clients a significant amount of time when undergoing an audit for the first time or for re-certification.

See the compliance platform in action

Find out how your team can save time and headaches on customer audits by automating the painful aspects of compliance.

A smarter audit partner. Streamline and automate compliance.