May 19, 2016

Announcing Change Agent, Datica's Medium Publication

Kris Gösser

Chief Marketing Officer

Since Datica’s beginning, a core belief has revolved around the importance of transparent, free, readily available content. That is why we write about what we learn. That is why we have open sourced our company policies and [made our Business Associate Agreement publicly available](

The healthcare technology community has an incredibly vibrant culture of open and welcomed knowledge sharing. Tincture, a Medium publication originated by Dr. Jordan Shlain, presents a wonderful example in effect. The culture of Tincture is largely predicated on sharing ideas, challenging the status quo, and effectively swapping best practices, going beyond the basic foundational building blocks of our existing educational content.

Now, Datica is seeking to participate in this arena. Just as Dr. Jordan Shlain, we see Medium as the foremost current outlet to publish our novel thoughts and knowledge on healthcare as a whole, leading to the launch of our new Medium publication, Change Agent.

What’s in a name?

Datica’s mission is to aide healthcare’s transition to new patient care models. Our namesake, being quite literal, exemplifies that we exist to spur change – to be a catalyst for transformation. Within chemical reactions, a change agent can be an expression referring to the chemical catalyst. However, more commonly known is the reference to a business change agent—someone from inside or outside of an organization whom influences change. Our predominant goal is to contribute to the conversation that brings positive influence to healthcare, conversation that makes an impact. Change Agent is a Medium publication. Change Agent is our idea-sharing platform. Change Agent allows us to make a change.

Very excitingly, we are launching with two articles discussing distinct topics very important to us—interoperability and innovation.

To begin, our first article is from co-founder and president Mohan Balachandran on the ever buzzing subject of interoperability. He walks through the many components, showcasing that when combined, interoperability is more intriguing to key business stakeholders. Read the full article: Why Interoperability is Suddenly an Exciting Space.

Continuing on, our next article is from co-founder and CEO Travis Good on innovation. With a persisting interest on the topic since commencing our Healthcare Innovation Series in late 2014, we’ve interviewed many of the industry’s innovation leaders. Dr. Good sums up our stance on how healthcare views innovation and how it is defined. Read the full article: How Healthcare Defines Innovation.

How to Subscribe

Change Agent is a complimentary publication to our existing educational content and blogs. It is our platform to share our greatest and transformative ideas on healthcare. Subscribe as a Medium user to be notified of new articles; otherwise, we will share new entries via our social channels, like Twitter.

Thanks for reading!