October 11, 2016

Announcing Our First Customer Spotlights

Kris Gösser
Kris Gösser

Datica Alumni — Former Chief Marketing Officer

Recently we published our first five Customer Spotlights, a new section on the website sharing the amazing and diverse stories our customers have to tell.

We noticed something interesting when working with our customers: Their origin stories, visions on how to change healthcare, and traction were all so compelling, and surprisingly diverse. It reminded us of the vastness of healthcare; the industry is full of things to be fixed, and there is no shortage of innovators ready to step up.

It got to the point where we knew these stories had to be shared. We would have feel-good moments each time we heard how a customer was truly making a dent in the universe, and wanted to pass those moments onto you.

So what are these spotlights?

Unlike traditional “case studies” focusing on jointly achieved outcomes, each spotlight strictly highlights the story of our customer; they have nothing to do with Datica. Instead, we catalog their founding origin stories, broadcast their vision of the future of healthcare, and share in their successes to date. Their efforts to better healthcare deserve their own platform.

Today five spotlights are available, but more are on the way. The positive response by customers has been fantastic—everyone we’ve asked has said YES! to being profiled.

  • Purple Binder: Technology that bridges healthcare systems and social services to impact patient outcomes
  • CareMessage: Using technology to connect lower-income patients with caring providers
  • Community Services for the Deaf: Innovative Technologies Protect Personal Health Information and Expand Employment Opportunity
  • DispatchHealth: A company at the epicenter of the shift to value-based care as it redefines healthcare delivery
  • Healthfinch: Using technology to automate, delegate and simplify repeatable clinical tasks

Take a look at our first five spotlights, and keep an eye on many more in the works.

If you are an existing customer and want to share your story, send us an email at hello@datica.com to get the conversation started.

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