August 17, 2017

Announcing Self Service and Free Trials

Ryan Rich

Chief Product Officer

Successful products are predicated on the concept of balance. Being able to balance what to do, what not to do, and how to do it. It’s all a delicate balance that at any time can tip the wrong way. And, when the scales tip, companies end up delivering sub-par experiences.

At Datica we’ve spent a considerable amount of time focusing on that balance — when to release new features, where to go in the market, who to talk to — it’s part of what makes a startup a startup. Being able to move quickly, fail fast, and ultimately land in a place that just works.

For me, playwriting is and has always been like making a chair. Your concerns are balance, form, timing, lights, space, music. If you don’t have these essentials, you might as well be writing a theoretical essay, not a play.” - Sam Shepard

In March, when I was first promoted to run product, we had our hands in a number of different market verticals, feature ideas, and half-baked tools. We had spent the better part of two years figuring out where as an organization we needed to go. It was our ability to balance all of these activities while still supporting a functioning product that has brought us to the point we are today.

The Sam Shepard quote at the top of this article talks about essentials; the necessary building blocks of a product that make it stick. At Datica, we’re dedicated to making our product stick. As such, we’ve developed a renewed focus on our core platform. Over the past four months our engineering team has been building features that we all believe are principal to our customers’ success. The overarching theme is one of self-service, giving customers the ability to do more on your own.

It is with this renewed focus in mind that I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of The Platform 3.0—Compliant Cloud reimagined from the ground up.

If you’ve been following Datica for the past year or so you would have seen our product go through a number of different changes, even if you were just following along on the website. We have evolved through multiple product name changes — PaaS, Stratum, and Compliant Cloud. Confusing as it may have been, we had very clear strategic goals in mind with each of those name evolutions that were valuable learning experiences. This evolution has brought us to where we are today, with a renewed focus on the core value of the platform. Hence “The Platform”. We’re making it easier this time.

Empowering new customers with self-service

A large part of our core mission at Datica is to break down the barriers to compliance so that developing healthcare software is the same as developing consumer software. In short, we strive to make compliance a non-issue. This is by no means a small feat and it’s not something we can tackle completely on our own. We need to empower you, our customers, in ways that allow you to help yourselves. We’ll build the tools, our customers conquer the mountains.

How does this manifest?

Self-service onboarding

First up is the ability to onboard through a self-service portal. This means that as a new customer you can now sign up for a Datica account, enter your billing details, spec out an application environment, and deploy that application in a matter of minutes.

14-day free trials

In addition to self-service onboarding, Datica now provides unfettered 14-day free trials for new customers. This is unlike anything that has been done before in this industry. No product in the market has been able to provide a fully-compliant HIPAA & HITRUST CSF certified platform trial with no upfront cost.

Self-service code scaling

Beyond 14-day free trials, we’re now giving customers the ability to scale code services entirely on your own. Instead of submitting a support ticket when you need an extra gigabyte of ram, simply navigate to that service in the dashboard and scale up and down as you wish. This functionality is available for all customer-defined services on the platform.

In addition to self-service scaling, Datica now provides customers with the ability to manage billing and contracting details in the dashboard.

Preconfigured Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

Last, but not least, is our new Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates feature. One of the largest onboarding pain points for new customers is the ability to install, manage, and update SSL certificates on the platform. Now, with Let’s Encrypt support, all new environments will come preconfigured with a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Additionally, existing customers can change over to Let’s Encrypt using the new CLI commands shipping with the Platform 3.0 release.

Pushing forward

We’ve spent our time wandering the desert and we’ve come back with a renewed focus on the platform. We’re ready now more than ever to make it the premier method of deploying healthcare applications to the cloud. Our unrelenting drive to make our customers successful is how we get there.

Over the next several quarters we’ll make drastic improvements to our logging system and the CLI console. We’ll also release new features that make it easier and less expensive to connect to EHRs than ever before.

Existing customers will require an amendment to their contracts. For more information on getting your contract updated please reach out to the upgrade team at

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