February 2, 2016

Announcing Stratum — Your Compliance Foundation

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Today we are proud to announce the immediate availability of our Platform as a Service solution product – Stratum.

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” – Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Stratum? What’s that? What does that mean?

For those completely unfamiliar with the world of geology, stratum is a layer of of sedimentary rock of near constant composition. Rock strata forms over many years due to a multitude of natural factors: erosion, mineral deposits, etc. And much like these layers of earth, Datica has braved the storms that have shaped us into what we are today. As external changes continue to form the world around us, a company must adapt with offerings that follow suit. Stratum is that natural evolution of our Platform as a Service offering that provides that rock-solid, compliant layer for healthcare infrastructure.

Introducing Stratum

Why should companies be forced to rebuild a compliant foundation with every new, innovative idea? Why should engineers be expected to absorb new competencies unrelated to the job at hand? The simple answer: they shouldn’t.

Stratum is the procured set of tools that relieves the burden of compliance for technical teams. Datica customers use Stratum in the same way they rely on other industry technologies. Stratum becomes the base layer by which healthcare teams build their products. It eliminates the necessity to become an expert in the competencies required by compliance, and absorbs the risk that comes with self-administration.

Stratum’s Core Functionality

Stratum is publicly available as a mature Platform as a Service product. Being an agnostic hosting service, it sits on top of industry-leading Infrastructure as a Service vendors such as AWS, Azure and Rackspace. A single Business Associate Agreement with Datica addresses the entirety of compliance obligations at the infrastructure level. Stratum has the following core functionality available as services on the platform:

  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest, including SSL
  • Disaster recovery and data backup
  • Dedicated logging
  • Intrusion detection
  • Vulnerability scanning and monitoring
  • Agent-based deployment processes
  • Data and file storage

Benefits of Stratum

Digital health companies and technical teams can achieve multiple outcomes by using Stratum:

  • Reduction of risk associated to building and maintaining industry-standards in security and privacy.
  • Overnight industry credibility with Datica’s HITRUST CSF Certification.
  • Digital health vendors accelerate their sales process during the vetting process with health systems.
  • Elimination of the requirement for technical teams to obtain new technical competencies, such as encryption or networking, which saves money and drives organizational focus.
  • The outsourcing of DevOps duties which similarly reduces organizational costs and heightens focus on core competencies.

Why Stratum?

The future of healthcare will be driven by scalable, interoperable compliant infrastructure. Stratum is the compliance layer that creates the base foundation for all of healthcare’s technical projects. Stratum will continue to evolve to be THE solution for digital health infrastructure compliance.

Why now? Because there’s no better time than now.

Have questions? Tell us what you need to know and our team of experts will be your sherpa. We believe in an improved healthcare and will do whatever it takes to make that a reality. Reach out to us directly, [tweet us][8] or provide us your contact information to the right. We’ll solve your problem so you can focus on your solution.