October 11, 2018

AWS re:Invent Healthcare Developer's Conference Guide

Laleh Hassibi

Vice President of Marketing

Today is the day the session reservation system opened up for attendees of AWS re:Invent 2018. If this year is anything like re:Invent last year, the sessions will fill really fast, so don’t delay in choosing your sessions.

Those of you who know Datica already know that one of our main company goals is to make life a bit easier for developers of digital health products. In line with that goal, we did the dirty work for you of pouring through the master list of thousands of sessions to hone in on the top 25 the Datica crew going to the re:Invent conference have selected to attend.

Look for our product team members, Ryan Rich, Chief Product Officer, and Anthony Pleshek, Product Manager, who will be sharpening their skills right along with you at these sessions. And, while you’re at re:Invent, stop by the Datica booth #1607 for a demo of any of our products, including the just-announced Cloud Compliance Management System (CCMS) and where we’ll be giving away Yeti tumblers and copies of our new book, Complete Cloud Compliance.

Without further ado, here’s our recommended list of AWS re:Invent sessions for healthcare developers. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

25 sessions not to miss at AWS re:Invent

Here are the sessions covering some of the hottest topics in healthcare development. This mixed bag of topics — including everything from serverless, containers, multi-tenant architecture, compliance, FHIR, GxP, GDPR, IoT, and more — will get you on your way to digital health product success.

  1. ARC209-R - Architecture Patterns for Multi-Region Active-Active Applications.
  2. ARC212 - Trends in Digital Transformation.
  3. ARC213-R - Architecting for the Cloud.
  4. ARC214 - Using Containers and Serverless to Deploy Microservices.
  5. ARC304 - Architecture Patterns of Serverless Microservices.
  6. ARC305 - Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices.
  7. ARC309 - From One to Many: Evolving VPC Design
  8. ARC316 - Hands-On: Breaking a Multi-Region Active-Active Solution
  9. ARC326-R - Migrating Single-Tenant Applications to Multi-Tenant SaaS
  10. ARC418 - Deconstructing SaaS: Deep Dive into Building Multi-Tenant Solutions on AWS
  11. HLC201-iL - Leadership Session: Innovation-Driven Healthcare
  12. HLC301-i - Architecting for Healthcare Compliance on AWS
  13. HLC302-S-i - Automating Compliance on AWS
  14. HLC401 - AWS Serverless Interface Building and Cerner’s FHIR Experience
  15. HLC402 - Creating Serverless Functions for Healthcare Messaging Applications
  16. HLC403 - VMware on AWS for Healthcare
  17. LFS304-i - Building IoT Devices for Regulated Industries
  18. LFS316 - Architecting for GxP Compliance in Life Sciences
  19. SEC204-R - Well-Architected for Security
  20. SEC205-R - Confidently Execute Your Cloud Audit: Expert Advice
  21. SEC206-R - GDPR Readiness and Management
  22. SEC301 - The Theory and Math Behind Data Privacy and Security Assurance
  23. SEC305-L - Leadership Session: AWS Security
  24. SEC309-S - Moody’s: Deploying Cloud-Native Architectures with Automation
  25. SEC310 - 0x32 Shades of #7f7f7f: The Tension Between Absolutes and Ambiguity in Security

We’ll see you in one of those sessions or at Booth #1607 in Vegas in November at AWS re:Invent!

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