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February 7, 2017

Catalyze is now Datica

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder & Former Chief Technology Officer

Today we start the next chapter in our company's history. Catalyze is now Datica and I couldn't be more excited about the change.

The story behind the rebrand

Catalyze was a great name for the start of our company but posed challenges for us as we grew. When talking with others who have been in a similar situation, I found our case was not unique. In fact, this is a situation many companies face but few talk about it.

I talk about the background of the rebrand here, where I go into deeper detail about the reasonings for the name change. We believe in transparency as a core tenet to all we do, and talking through a rebrand is no different.

Changing the name, not our promises

While we say goodbye to Catalyze, we are not parting with what makes us the type of business hundreds of organizations trust. We still plan to carry on our foundational traits:

  • Transparency in how we operate internally and externally
  • Commitment to customer success
  • Trust is earned
  • Compliance is fundamental to the success of digital health but is not a differentiator
  • Interoperability is about workflows enablement and not simply data exchange
  • Open source benefits everyone and we're committed to contributing where we can
  • Above all else, deliver on our promises

Healthcare in the cloud

We're still focused on the same mission as before: products to accelerate the adoption and impact of digital health. We do that through our Compliant Cloud and Managed Integration offerings. Formerly Stratum and Redpoint, our two core products enable teams across healthcare to remove the barriers associated to digital health by creating trust and solving the problems of integration.

We also offer Strategic Services for those organizations looking to better develop, test, and implement a digital health strategy. Hospitals and innovative teams across healthcare have found our mix of industry expertise and technical acumen to be a strong voice in the void.

All this aligns with healthcare's movement to the cloud. Part of the name change is to reaffirm that Datica is the platform for healthcare's transformation. We make it possible for digital health to be a real impact in the industry because we make the interconnectedness of the cloud a reality—finally. And it all comes down to data being secure, compliant, and connected.

Let us know what you think about the rebrand by tweeting at our new Twitter name @daticahealth.

On to the next chapter!

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