March 4, 2015

Datica Open Source

Datica Editorial Team
Datica Editorial Team

We are excited to announce our new landing page to showcase Datica’s open source projects over the last year and a half. We view open source contributions as a necessary activity of being a technology company. Contributing to open source projects and freely publishing tools we’ve built is what drives a lot of the work we do. This also allows us to stick to our ideals of enabling the future of compliance.

As you navigate the page you’ll see we’ve split our work into two main sections: docs and code. Our docs projects are geared towards policy and HIPAA related documentation. These are intended to help healthcare startups build a base of knowledge for their future audits. Other docs projects include FAQs and Guides for Datica Products. Our code projects are intended to help developers build applications. These include sample apps, SDKS and our platform command line tool.

When we first set out to write many of these open source documents we found that little-to-no examples existed. Where were all the policy guides and outlines for how a modern healthcare startup might comply with HIPAA? Where were the HIPAA mappings and explanations of the law? Unfortunately they didn’t exist. Up until now no one has published any documentation or outline of these docs. At Datica, we intend to change that. A big part of who we are is allowing the healthcare technology community to grow for the better. It’s not just in the tools we build that enable any developer to build a compliant application, but in everything we do as a team.

What’s next? We have plans to grow the policy and documentation projects. Keep an eye out for additions there. On the technical side, we have worked extensively with Docker containers and plan to investigate open sourcing some work in this realm. Docker is a critical component to our business. Without it, serving our customers with a world-class compliant platform would be considerably harder, if not impossible. We want to give back to this Docker community in the future.

If you’re interested in working on open source projects and do truly meaningful work we encourage you to apply for any of the jobs listed on our careers page. If there are any questions you have about our open source projects or jobs please don’t hesitate to email us at

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