June 19, 2015

Catalyze Speaking Again Today at the 2015 Digital Health Summer Summit!

Marcia Noyes
Marcia Noyes

Datica Alumni — Former Director of Communications

Right after a wildly successful presentation at Open mHealth earlier this week, Datica’s very own Dr. Travis Good, CEO and Co-Founder, is back on stage in the spotlight at the Fourth Annual Digital Health Summer Summit, co-hosted by the Center for Digital Health Innovation at UCSF! The two-day conference began yesterday, June 18, at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco and Dr. Good’s panel, titled “Dealmaking, Piloting, and Scaling: Do you have what it takes?” begins today, June 19, at 2:05p.m. Panelists for the event include:

  • Travis Good, M.D., Datica CEO and Co-Founder (moderator)
  • Molly Coye, MlD., former Chief Innovation Officer for UCLA Health
  • Adam Odessky, Co-Founder and CEO of Sense.ly

The session will bring together pivotal players to share their strategic insights on how to sell, pilot and scale successfully within healthcare systems. “As medicine moves from volume to value-based care, more hospital systems are reaching out to external sources, ” says Travis Good, “both entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies will have the opportunity in this session to learn the ways to effectively talk with and present their ideas to healthcare providers.”

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