June 12, 2015

Datica's New FHIR Documentation is Your Trusted FHIR Resource

Mohan Balachandran
Mohan Balachandran

Datica Alumni — Former Co-Founder

Standing for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, FHIR, originally inspired by Graham Grieve, is the latest touchstone to be developed under the HL7 conglomerate. And, in popular opinion, is the most likely of all HL7 standards to be embraced as a widely implemented solution. That is why Catalyze is proud to bring you our new FHIR Documentation as your #1 FHIR resource as we remain an industry leader on HIPAA compliant integration.

In our documentation we discuss what makes FHIR so promising—starting with what makes its foundation solid:

  • A simpler way to exchange data without the inflexible workflow of other HL7 standards.
  • Utilization of a direct RESTful style.
  • The heavy emphasis on connectathons, convention and referral implementations, etc. as an integral part of the FHIR process.
  • Focus on targeting almost all common use cases in contrast to the minority of exceptions.

But even more valuable and important than the technical factors that create its base are the components that FHIR addresses that enables persons to generate and reserve more funds with the key operators being:

  • Medical device integration
  • Mobile healthcare applications + the cloud
  • A highly flexible and customizable workflow

FHIR realistically could be the pilot for new and improved efficiencies. For vendors like Catalyze, FHIR brings new opportunity to offer value to our business partners, and for the end users, FHIR will provide leading-edge methods for streamlining patient care and lowering the final costs.

For all of this and more, go check out our FHIR Documentation and subscribe to our twitter feed to stay up to date on what you need to know.

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