April 15, 2016

Catalyzing the HITRUST BA Council, HealthXL Global Gathering & HOSTING Partnership

Marcia Noyes
Marcia Noyes

Datica Alumni — Former Director of Communications

What’s the buzz going on at Datica? Partnerships, engagements and announcements are bountiful with the multiple undertakings by this very driven team. Co-Founder Travis Good, M.D. has been selected as a founding member of the HITRUST Business Associate Council, while the Datica team has been flying coast to coast to engage in some of the industry’s premiere events such as HealthXL Global Gathering in San Francisco and HOSTING Customer Summit in Denver to announce exciting new partnerships.

Datica Cofounder on HITRUST BA Council

Very excitingly, Travis Good, MD, CEO and chief privacy officer has been selected as a founding member to the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) Business Associate Council (BA Council). The BA Council is composed of members who will serve as an advocacy group for the healthcare industry’s business associates, specifically focused on the value of HITRUST in third-party information security assurance. There were only 17 selected to be members of the BA Council from a wide pool of industry leaders and experts in technology, security, risk compliance and audits. The HITRUST Alliance will lean on this council to help shape HITRUST’s approach for business associates at a pivotal time in the industry where a growing number of HIPAA-covered entities have announced a requirement that their business associates become HITRUST CSF certified within 24 months.

Datica has taken a lead in understanding not just HITRUST, but the value of HITRUST for business associates in the marketplace. “This appointment validates our leadership and expertise in compliance, and particularly HITRUST, which is such a big trend in the industry,” said Dr. Good. “I think that experience and knowledge, as well as the things Datica has done in the industry can contribute significantly to translating the value of HITRUST and its rigorous approach to information security for business associates.”

HealthXL Global Gathering Recap

As was announced in last week’s blog post, Casey Bryson, Datica Chief Strategy Officer, attended the exclusive HealthXL Global Gathering in San Francisco where 60 handpicked senior executives from leading, innovative digital health companies gathered to discuss three main topics: sleep, Big Data analytics, and patient/consumer engagement.


The discussion had a primary focus on monitoring sleep patterns through devices and using data to be a driving force for patient behavioral changes, but it is very difficult to convince payers to buy into the value since there is no short term ROI on the immediate investment. David White from Philips Healthcare simply, yet insightfully, stated that we just need more data to prove that sleep therapy and monitoring is worth the investment before we can change the behaviors of patients and the way we deliver medicine.

Big Data Analytics

One of our favorite innovators, Molly Coye, discussed India’s emergency response systems and how they use predictive analytics to determine where crashes are going to occur and station responders nearby, not at a home base like in the United States. That ideology has to transition into our healthcare system. Also discussed was, Big Data’s role in providing behavioral medicine care. Statistically speaking, for 80% of patients data can drive a care plan and automated care management tools can reach them and insert a provider for validation since patients prefer to be validated by a physician. For the remaining 20%, Big Data can be used to determine how to best treat their conditions to drives better decisions.

Consumer & Patient Engagement

How do we best engage patients in their care? The question on everyone’s minds. It was stated that “the personal touch of healthcare has been lost in fee for service” but Bryson personally believes it’s due to the combination of the reimbursement model and the lack of time for a physician to focus on personalized medicine. Stop saying “should” and just do it.

Sean Duffy, Co-Founder & CEO of Omada Health, gave a great story of making a personalized platform that has been able to scale with extreme success, while Bruce Ettinger, CEO at Frame Health, introduced us to the concept of prescriptive medicine to tailor messaging to the way a patient’s needs can be addressed. We look forward to taking all of these learnings and applying them to our own engagement efforts.**

HOSTING Customer Summit in Denver, CO

Casey Bryson also announced this week a partnership with HOSTING, the leading provider of managed cloud services at the HOSTING Customer Summit in Denver, Colorado. This partnership will offer 24x7 managed hosting services to the growing and maturing clients of Datica. Datica and HOSTING share a similar customer demographic in the healthcare IT landscape. Consequently, this trusted partnership allows each company to focus on its core competency, leveraging the other for its specific expertise. Check back next week for Bryson’s recap at HOSTING.

“We are proud to partner with HOSTING and leverage its Unified Cloud approach. Both firms specialize in delivering an amazing user experience, regardless of which clouds a customer chooses to run its application on,” said Bryson. “The relationship gives us the ability to work with a single support partner across multiple cloud service providers.”

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