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Travis Good, MD

Co-founder, CEO & Chief Privacy Officer

July 31, 2015   HIPAA Compliance

We provide detailed [documentation][1] on Datica [products][2] primarily to help companies and individuals understand what we offer in order to better inform buying decision—how we’re different, what is the value, how to use Datica, and so on. It also helps them find answers to questions independently, removing us as a bottleneck. (We’re always happy to answer questions but we know how useful it is to be able to search and find the answer yourself.) While not a dedicated product itself, HIPAA [compliance][3] is a foundational aspect of all of our products and our organization; our [platform][4], is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF Certified infrastructure.

That’s why we’re releasing a Compliance FAQ today. We get asked about compliance every day by customers, by website visitors, by our customers’ customers like hospitals, payers, large employers that are doing compliance reviews. We wanted an abbreviated list of the most common topics we get asked about. The result is this Compliance FAQ. Specifically thinking about user stories, below are the use cases for the FAQ that drove our process.

  1. Current customers can find information about security and HIPAA compliance to answer questions for their audits and security reviews.
  2. Current customers can send auditors and compliance officers to find answers themselves.
  3. Website visitors can get answers to questions about how Datica approaches and complies with HIPAA.
  4. Anybody can find answers to basic HIPAA questions to help draft or edit their own HIPAA policies.

We’ll add to the FAQ over time as we get asked more questions.

In addition, we recently launched a curated guide to HIPAA compliance for those who are just starting out. We encourage you to start there if you are trying to understand HIPAA as a whole first. You can get your free copy of the guide here.


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