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Customers in the news: Welkin raises a $2M seed round

Kris Gösser

Chief Marketing Officer

July 20, 2015   Customers

Last week news broke of a fundraise by Datica customer Welkin Health. We have been working with Welkin for some time, and have been fans of their vision.

Welkin Health helps case managers stay more engaged with patients with chronic diseases. They started with diabetes but are moving into COPD, hypertension, and congestive heart failure soon.

We think they are a good example of the ground swell of new, smarter tools addressing high-risk, expensive cost centers in healthcare. Collectively, products and services like Welkin will help healthcare be both more efficient and more effective. Datica is happy to be a partner and help their cause.

Congrats Welkin on the fund raise!


Announcement: Datica if HITRUST CSF Certified.

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