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Datica CEO to Present at Stanford Medicine X Conference

Marcia Noyes
Marcia Noyes

Datica Alumni — Former Director of Communications

September 23, 2015   Company

Datica’s very own Dr. Travis Good, CEO and Co-Founder, is back on stage in the spotlight at the five-day Stanford Medicine X Conference presenting on how compliant cloud computing will accelerate healthcare innovation.

Stanford Medicine X is meant to bring together some of the most engaging and revolutionary minds to discuss valorous new ideas about healthcare and how the future of medicine and technology will shape the industry as a whole. In attendance will be more than 500 persons from more than 30 countries, including venture capitalists, healthcare practitioners, business leaders, technologists, and public health officials.

Dr. Good’s Oral Ignite! Talk titled “Compliant cloud computing: How it will accelerate health care innovation” will cover an array of topics stemming from the thematic message of how software is eating healthcare. Happening at 10:25 am on Saturday, September 26th, in the Lower West Lobby, Dr. Good’s presentation will explore how software is affecting and innovating healthcare documentation, employer health, physician networks, disease platforms and more!

If you want to stay ahead of industry trends, read our annual Healthcare Innovation Series Report that covers 7 Big Ideas from some of the most innovative leaders in healthcare.


Healthcare is ready—and in need—for innovation. Most innovation stems from academia, allowing data scientists, economists and medical professionals to collaborate more openly than in contrast to a corporate setting, but fresh ideas come from private sectors of healthcare as well. As workflow pressures increase, healthcare system executives are faced with a challenging decision of continuing to focus on regulatory burdens, security threats, and changing reimbursement models or to allocate the time and resources necessary for effective innovation amongst the myriad of mandated organizational projects.

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