March 7, 2019

Datica is cheering on our customers’ growth

Laleh Hassibi
Laleh Hassibi

Datica Alumni — Former Vice President of Marketing

Many people have already forgotten Datica was originally named Catalyze, a name chosen as representative of the fact that our mission was to be the catalyst for growth for our customers. Though the name changed in early 2017, the meaning is still true and a huge part of who Datica is today. We’re here to help digital health succeed, and we cheer loudly as our customers achieve their goals of making healthcare outcomes better.

At HIMSS 2019 we were so excited to see so many of our customers exhibiting and participating in larger-than-life ways and it made us want to stop to share a few of the stories of immense growth through acquisitions we’ve seen in our customer base in recent months.

HealthLoop → GetWellNetwork

HealthLoop (now GetWell Loop) became an early Datica customer when they needed a more responsible hosting provider that would empower them to scale quickly. Datica Compliant Platform as a Service (CPaaS) became the foundation for deployment of their patient engagement application that keeps doctors and patients connected between visits with insightful clinical information. They later found themselves turning to Datica once again, this time for a scalable, compliant HL7 integration solution and added Datica Compliant Managed Integration (CMI) to their tech stack. Adding patient context to their product via EHRs was a key step in their maturity.

Planning for scale early on helped HealthLoop grow to managing 7.2 million annual patient interactions and they were acquired by GetWellNetwork in November 2018. With HealthLoop now a part of it, GetWellNetwork is poised for continued innovation of patient care delivery models.


In the past, Datica CPaaS served as a catalyst for Optum’s innovation group in its discovery, development, and scaling of new technologies for value-based care. CPaaS enabled Optum to quickly build and deploy patient-centered apps. We’ve been cheering Optum’s positive impact on patient outcomes. It’s working, as at HIMSS we watched them announce annual revenues surpass $100 billion in 2018.

A fast-growing unit of UnitedHealth, Optum delivers intelligent, integrated solutions that help to modernize the health system and make it work better for everyone.

Carena → American Well

Carena, a Seattle-based healthcare technology company, has monitored telehealth’s growth, spending the past 19 years “virtualizing” healthcare delivery. Datica helped fuel Carena’s success by providing EHR integration capabilities with CMI.

In October 2017 two of the nation’s leading virtual care platforms were combined when Avizia acquired Carena. Just eight months later, in July of 2018, Avizia was acquired by American Well, the largest telemedicine company, to deliver an end-to-end telemedicine solution for health systems and providers.

We are excited for the positive impact American Well’s vision is having on patient lives. As one of the largest telehealth solutions, American Well is truly helping bring the future to healthcare.

NDSC → Change Healthcare

National Decision Support Company (NDSC) partnered with Datica as they migrated from a collocated facility to Datica CPaaS on AWS to gain the benefits of the AWS cloud while being able to establish and enforce standards around security and compliance. NDSCs move to the cloud enabled them to scale to meet the demands of clinicians to be able to use clinical data in decision support.

In January of 2018, Change Healthcare acquired NDSC to add cloud computing services for evidence-based medicine to its portfolio. NDSC and Change have announced awesome results since then. Change Healthcare at HIMSS announced dozens of amazing innovations, most notably in the artificial intelligence space. We are excited to help push healthcare forward in this direction.

Making real progress with digital health

It’s not easy to succeed in digital health. At SXSW last year, we gave a presentation which cited the famous Accenture study that over half of digital health products shut down in less than 20 months. So it’s probably no surprise that one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Datica employee is watching our customers scale. Our focus remains on removing compliance as a concern and empowering a patient-centered, data-driven strategy for our customers, so they can do what they do best — make healthcare better.

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