March 11, 2016

Datica Partners with Salesforce & Microsoft Azure

Mohan Balachandran
Mohan Balachandran

Datica Alumni — Former Co-Founder

Healthcare data requires the utmost level of security and integrity. Protected Health Information (PHI) isn’t just random data; it’s a real person’s medical history so dedication to compliance and security is critical. Unfortunately the commitment to security and privacy has lead to the data being difficult to fully utilize. With that industry hurdle, Datica automates much of the compliance burden put on technical teams. We are proud to announce that with a single Business Associate Agreement (BAA), healthcare customers of Microsoft Azure and Salesforce Health Cloud can now cover the infrastructure obligations of HIPAA, freeing them to focus on their core competencies.

We were very excited to discover both Salesforce and Microsoft Azure, prominent cloud vendors normally outside of healthcare, are entering healthcare with their service offerings. If done correctly, both can be meaningful workflow softwares that can be leveraged by organizations across the industry. Existing Azure and Salesforce Health Cloud customers now have the option to utilize Datica’s specialized and respected approach to HIPAA compliance.

As we know, integration is not easy, as it requires not only understanding healthcare specific mappings and standards (HL7, CCD, FHIR…) but also context and business process enablement. It’s an undertaking very different from every other industry. Both cloud service providers must solve the integration puzzle in order to reach their full potential. Datica is the premier integration and compliance partner. We bring the domain expertise to the gate of these clouds so vendors and health systems can both maximize their utility and value.

Our relationship is simple. Organizations looking to leverage Salesforce Health Cloud or Microsoft Azure need to integrate external datasets, likely from third party tools. Those integrations need to be done in a compliant, efficient and contextual manner. Trust is paramount and precision critical, and Datica Redpoint becomes the trusted integration partner to aggregate those datasets into the cloud.

We are excited to continue to push innovation within healthcare. Our focal point on data security and integrity is essential to driving progress. Our partnership with Salesforce Health Cloud and Microsoft Azure is a shining example of a progressive path forward for healthcare.

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