May 10, 2018

Datica Unveils New Healthcare Customer, Access HealthNet

Marcia Noyes
Marcia Noyes

Datica Alumni — Former Director of Communications

We remain humbled by the wide variety of healthcare customers that reach out to us every day. Many of you have come to Datica through recommendations from some of our earliest customers, like Zipnosis and HealthLoop. Others of you have heard our company thought leaders, like Travis Good, Mark Olschesky and Kris Gösser share knowledge about compliance, security, and digital health success at conferences nationwide. A few have perused our website to learn more about HITRUST, Kubernetes and GDPR. While others have learned about Datica through the Wisconsin healthcare corridor grapevine.

At Datica, we especially enjoy partnering with other Wisconsin healthcare technology companies. By supporting other Midwest firms with shared knowledge we’ve gained over the past five years in business, we ultimately can help accelerate the innovation healthcare needs today, while taking immense pride that many of those innovations are originating in the Badger State and branching out from coast to coast.

Why customers choose Datica

Datica and Access HealthNet (AHN) announced just such a working collaboration this week. AHN will be using the Datica Platform to deliver EMR interoperability and security to their healthcare bundling platform customers, which will streamline healthcare data exchange for hospital and medical billing.

In this week’s press release, AHN’s Chairman and CEO Eric Haberichter stated that the partnership would exponentially propel their company forward. “Our vision of being fully interoperable with all major hospital and medical billing systems will become a reality much more rapidly with this partnership.”

Yes, Datica makes a stellar and flexible platform for building healthcare applications in a compliant and secure manner, and we are quite proud of that. However, our greatest pride comes when we can point to a new and innovative technology, like the one AHN has built, knowing that the Datica Platform helped scale such an innovation’s success in healthcare.

Success squared

Mariel Margaret Hamm-Garciaparra, also known as former soccer star Mia Hamm, is often attributed as saying, “Success breeds success.” At Datica, we think less about creation and breeding, and more about containerization, so we instead say, “Success builds success.” It’s a small verbal nuance, but it fits well within our box.

In addition to Ms. Hamm’s immense wisdom and skill, she also advised those she met to, “Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.” Daticans take that advice to heart when we help another customer accomplish their company goals faster.

Join the Datica + Kubernetes Webinar Tuesday

Learn more about the Datica Platform and how we make Kubernetes secure and compliant for healthcare applications by joining our webinar next week, Kubernetes and Healthcare Compliance, Tuesday May 15th at 11:00 AM CDT.

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