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Healthcare's Shifting Definition of the Cloud

Laleh Hassibi

Laleh Hassibi

Director of Content Marketing

May 10, 2017   Cloud Computing

Datica’s inaugural quarterly report, The Heart of Medicine: Transformation through Technology, tells the most compelling stories of innovation and change in healthcare.

cloud adoption in healthcare infographic

As part of this first report, we took a deep dive into cloud adoption in healthcare, comparing the results from the HIMSS Cloud Studies from 2014 and 2017 and found a few surprising results, most notably, an uptick in adoption of certain areas of cloud computing and services.

This infographic, extracted from the Spring 2017 Quarterly Report, summarizes what we found out about the shifting definition of the cloud in healthcare. Take a look, and then get your copy of the complete report for other great articles on innovation and change in healthcare.


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