June 3, 2013

Here's a new site and our first white paper!

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

We’re really, really excited to be launching our new website! We’ll be growing our content over time with additional tools to help people learn about and build technology for health and wellness.

As if the new website wasn’t enough to get us excited, we’re also announcing our first white paper, titled Technology Driven Trends in Health. You can find and download the white paper here.

We really mean it when we say we want to help build the future of healthcare; more importantly, we understand that building the future of healthcare is about more than technology. Collectively, our team at catalyze.io has been working and building technology for healthcare for a long, long time. We’ve spent years reading, writing, and speaking about it. When we founded catalyze.io, we decided we wanted to do more than build technology; we wanted to share our experience and learning (including our failures), contribute to the dialogue about the industry, and hopefully help insiders and outsiders do more than just add HIPAA-grade cloud services and data to their apps.

With that goal in mind, we’re very proud of our first of many white papers, presentations, and infographics about health and wellness, technology, and the healthcare industry as a whole. We hope you find it helpful, or at least thoughtful. As always, we welcome your feedback.

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