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Assessment Series: HIPAA Compliance Assessment

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder, CEO & Chief Privacy Officer

June 24, 2015   Company Compliance

HIPAA compliance is an ongoing challenge for healthcare enterprises, so the HIPAA Compliance Assessment was created to help meet the objectives of HIPAA while also providing insights into possibilities for streamlining processes and lowering costs.

With regulations that remain ongoing, convoluted, and potentially counter-intuitive, achieving HIPAA compliance at federally required measures is becoming more difficult in healthcare. Enterprise executive liability stipulates an ongoing effort for assessment to create a first-class compliance strategy. In the most minimum context, HIPAA has created complexities to the health insurance systemization that was already inundated with federal mandates. For example:

  • All departments and serviceable groups that deal with PHI will be observed with scrutiny for HIPAA compliance.
  • Policies in relation to HIPAA compliance must be written and documented, but employees are required to be trained on them whilst also having an expounded privacy officer accountable for managing the enterprise’s HIPAA compliance.
  • Noncompliance penalties have not been fully systematized but risk of press coverage and detrimental consumer perceptions cannot be overlooked.

The required HIPAA Compliance Assessment is intentioned to be brief, concise, and extensive. A complete assessment will include these measures:

  • Recognize state of readiness for all facets of HIPAA - privacy, security, and transactional
  • Ascertain areas of preeminent risk
  • Facilitate ongoing regulatory compliance
  • Offer insights into efficiency and fiscally effective initiatives

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