August 19, 2015

Datica Provides HIPAA Compliance on the Ionic Market

Ryan Rich

Chief Product Officer

Today Ionic officially launched their new market which gives developers the opportunity to buy and sell Ionic goods such as, plugins, templates and starter projects.

Since Datica and Ionic share The City of Four Lakes as a headquarters we’re always interested in what the other is doing. A few months ago we were contacted by Ionic to see if we’d be interested in featuring a product on their upcoming market. We were delighted to collaborate.

Deciding on a product

Ionic gives web developers an easy transition into mobile development. Datica’s HIPAA Compliant platform gives developers an easy transition into HIPAA compliance. Therefore it made sense for us to build a starter template that gives developers a basic application structure while utilizing key BaaS and Ionic features. A few of those include:

  • Login
  • Logout
  • Forgot Password
  • Basic Landing Page
  • Slide Out Menu

Patient Engagement

We recently released HIPAAGRAM as an example of the types of mobile apps developers can make to improve patient engagement, and consequently healthcare as a whole. Ionic is a wonderful option for those digital health companies making similar apps. The framework Ionic is building, and the ideas the community is producing, is precisely the kind of progress that will help impact patient engagement and patient outcomes.

The Future

We’re excited to see Ionic Market grow and we’ll continue helping them along the way by contributing.

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