September 17, 2018

HITRUST 2018 — A Fantastic Event

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder, CEO & Chief Privacy Officer

The HITRUST Conference in 2018 was different. Not evolutionarily different from previous years, but drastically different. And in good ways. Everything, from the venue to the sessions to the attendees, was impressive. HITRUST did a great job updating this conference into a fantastic event.

HITRUST 2018 was all about the cloud

In terms of the content, the major change was the focus on cloud. We’ve been attending the conference for four years and I feel like Datica (Catalyze at the time) was the only organization talking about the cloud at the HITRUST conference four years ago. Almost every session I attended this year was focused on the cloud or had the cloud as the underlying context for the session. This reflects the broader shift in the market but is well timed for HITRUST as most attendees were beginning their journeys to the cloud and doing it with HITRUST as the anchoring framework for that journey.

New HITRUST Shared Responsibility Program

Along those same lines, HITRUST is working hard to embrace the cloud and announced its Shared Responsibility Program this week to coincide with the conference. Shared Responsibility is tied directly to compliance on the cloud as vendors work with CSPs, SaaS vendors, and other cloud platform companies offering solutions for various aspects of infrastructure. It is good to see HITRUST pushing this forward by offering a Shared Responsibility Program that I hope will extend and add value to the shared responsibility models currently in existence from cloud vendors.

The sessions themselves, both the breakout and the main room sessions, were well thought out and the speakers I saw were good. Most of the speakers had real-world experience with the topics they were discussing, something I don’t always see at conferences. Engagement from attendees was good as well; most sessions had a healthy amount of interaction between speakers and the audience.

One thing I particularly appreciated about the event was the sessions that involved smaller organizations. Four years ago, the speakers I remember were either from HITRUST or from large payors. This year’s event featured many speakers from smaller entities, Datica included. This reflects the goal of HITRUST to engage the smaller end of the market, from startups to growth stage vendors, looking to anchor on a compliance framework, which is smart because the agility of smaller organizations means that is where a lot of innovation is currently found. I think educating vendors is the best way to get them to adopt HITRUST and to ultimately help HITRUST become a de-facto standard across both sides of the market—large enterprises and their vendors or partners.

The Complete Cloud Compliance book was introduced

Complete Cloud Compliance

On a personal note, we launched our book Complete Cloud Compliance this week and were offering free, and sometimes signed, copies for conference attendees. Underscoring the theme of cloud this week, the response to the book was huge. We underestimated demand for the book and had to overnight additional copies to ensure we had some for the final day of the conference. We are now out of books, but will have more in the coming weeks. Sign up to get a download of chapter 2 of the book now, and to be notified when general purchase is available on

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