April 7, 2016

Innovation & Partnerships Anticipated at Upcoming Industry Gatherings

Kris Gösser
Kris Gösser

Datica Alumni — Former Chief Marketing Officer

Commitment, collaboration, communication, focus — all critical compontents to successful strategic partnerships that produce innovation. The Datica team is committed to finding other leading companies and individuals to partner with that share the vision of an improved healthcare system. As our latest innovation interviewee Thomas Graham, M.D. says, “the folks that are real leaders understand that we have massive challenges. It’s not going to be until we recognize and admit them, understand our own limitations, and then really embrace the power of partnership.” With that in mind, members of our Leadership team will be heading to explore those potential possibilities next week at some of the most highly anticipated industry gatherings.

April 13-15, Datica cofounders Travis Good and Mohan Balachandran will be attending the exclusive, invitation-only 2016 Health Evolution Summit where leading executives will gather in beautiful Laguna Beach, California. Although Laguna may be known as an incredible vacation destination, all participants will be challenged to think big to advance solutions to some of the industry’s most critical problems. Both Travis and Mohan are filled with excitement to explore the possible partnerships with other leading edge innovators that will be in attendance. We are on the edge of our seats for the takeaways from this highly anticipated gathering so be on the lookout for Travis and Mohan’s report back in the weeks ahead.

Also coming up next week, Datica Chief Strategy Officer Casey Bryson will be attending the exclusive HealthXL Global Gathering in San Francisco, California where 60 handpicked senior executives from leading, innovative digital health companies will gather to discuss topics ranging from Big Data to consumer engagement. Among those in attendance will be Social Entrepreneur in Residence at the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation (NEHI) and also one of our favorite former innovation interviewees, Molly Coye, M.D. In her newly adopted role, Dr. Coye pushes high-value innovations forward through disruptive technologies, strategies, services, and partnerships, which is why we are very excited to be in attendance for her Keynote presentation. Look out for the follow up post in the coming weeks as Bryson reports back on this collaborative, community event.

If that’s not enough excitement happening at Datica, our [latest innovation interview][1] with [Thomas Graham, MD,][2] has been released. Dr. Graham served as the former CIO of the Cleveland Clinic and is currently the Chief Health Innovation & Strategy Officer for Tavistock Group. During our time together, Graham discussed some of his key insights into partnerships, innovation feedback, and intellectual property. As we often hear echoed through the industry, partnership is a critical component to innovation. Grahman says that often the most fruitful partnerships will come from outside your own geography, expertise, or even industry. For example, the founding members of HITRUST were not only from the healthcare sector but individuals that brought data security expertise from a variety of professional backgrounds. Such eclectic perspectives and backgrounds can only add to the value of innovations.

Datica is experiencing great momentum and we will only continue to push forward. Many have asked us why this is happening now and the answer is simple — there’s no better time than now. Have questions? Tell us what you need to know and our team of experts will be your sherpa. We believe in an improved healthcare and will do whatever it takes to make that a reality. Reach out to us directly, tweet us or provide us your contact information to the right. We’ll solve your problem so you can focus on your solution.