June 18, 2015

IT Execs and Clinicians Collaborate at Open mHealth Summit 15

Kris Gösser
Kris Gösser

Datica Alumni — Former Chief Marketing Officer

Datica proudly attended the first annual Open mHealth Summit 2015 hosted in San Francisco. The conference was sold out and our very own Travis Good and Mark Olschesky were among the IT executives to attend. The audience was suffused with energy from persons bursting with creative intentions as the power-packed speakers, including Olschesky, spoke their expertise on topics ranging from FHIR to bringing down the barriers of integration.

Open mHealth is doing some exciting work these days. We got to take a look into their schemas and design principles, understanding that one of the common canons we share is the value in open sourcing documentation. But also got to discuss data - how data is integrated, stored, shared, processed, and visualized. We touched other topics like how to utilize HealthKit outside of HealthKit, and even the collaborative work that we at Datica have done with Open mHealth. If you want to learn more, check out their documentation here.

Although the speakers were phenomenal, we can’t discredit the level of cognition and presence the audience held. Industry leaders from a large range of organizations such as the Department of Veteran Affairs, UCSF, HealthLoop, Kaiser, Aetana, and Validic were in attendance just to name a few. But if you thought that these great minds would be content sitting back and enjoying the show, you would have been mistaken. Nearly all members of the audience were engaged and contributing to conversation thanks to Open mHealth creating such a collaborative environment for all, especially during the afternoon’s breakout sessions to discuss the state of the Open mHealth platform, design around the digital health data, and clinical measures, schemas, and data science.

A recurring theme that rang loud and clear was the emphasis on the transition to preventative healthcare and patient engagement which was music to our ears! We cannot stress these topics enough and how thankful we are to hear our values echoed through our fellow industry leaders. We could go incessantly on these topics alone but for now we’ll just say to stay tuned as we plan to cover much more on these in future blog posts.

All and all, the first annual Open mHealth Summit was a huge success and we feel overly humbled that we got to not only be in attendance, but got to speak on HL7 integration and FHIR topics. Conversations have inspired internal and external conversations alike here at Datica and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our takeaways. With such amazing results and turnout this year, we look forward to returning to attend and discussing the industry’s evolution in 2016!

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