November 11, 2016

VUE16 WOWs again

Casey Bryson
Casey Bryson

Datica Alumni — Former Chief Strategy Officer

For the second year in a row, Datica both attended and sponsored the Voalte User Experience (VUE16) in Sarasota, Florida. What an honor to have our CEO Travis Good, MD participate in a panel discussion around EHR integration, alongside Deborah Whitebird-Clayton, program manager from St. Luke’s Health System in Kansas City, MO and Ariel Norton, director of product management at Allscripts Healthcare.

Going into the event, I thought I knew Voalte fairly well from my days at Epic. I had previously worked with Voalte’s Director of Strategy, Alex Brown, to support a mutual customer in the past. While at the event, I discovered Voalte to be more than a clinician-focused communication tool. Instead, I discovered Voalte to be a tool that enables clinicians to provide the best possible care to their patients by connecting them faster and more efficiently than with current workflows. Voalte makes hospitals better for patients.

The video testimonial of Amy Fresonke’s family’s story couldn’t have been a more powerful way to open the event. When her daughter Avery arrived 28 weeks premature, Amy saw first-hand how her daughters’ care team communicated through handheld smartphones and watched as nurses responded to alarms and escalations sent to Voalte devices. Nurses helped Amy understand that Voalte keeps the entire Sarasota Memorial interdisciplinary team connected and the company had changed the way nurses cared for patients. So inspired by what she learned, Amy now works at Voalte as an account coordinator.

Since last year’s event, some things have changed while others have remained the same. Voalte still knows how to put on one heck of an amazing event. They keep it relaxed and infused with Gator references. Likewise, the inclusion of knowledgeable clients gives the event a family feel versus a conference vibe. Voalte customers recently ranked the company #1 in KLAS for “the platform communication vendor that makes the most significant impact.”

One topic carried over from last year: The focus on integration of applications in the healthcare setting to improve outcomes. In line with that effort, conference organizers announced more information on how Datica and Voalte are working together to integrate patient data into the Voalte platform and will continue the focus on a patient-centric workflow.

Since VUE15, Adam McMullin has joined the Voalte team as Chairman and CEO. Along with Founder and President, Trey Lauderdale, Voalte anticipates growing exponentially and will tackle even larger and more complex projects. Datica is more excited than ever to continue our collaboration with Voalte.

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