June 1, 2018

May Conference Roundup: Datica on the Main Stage at MSBuild and HLTH

Laleh Hassibi

Vice President of Marketing

May was a busy month at Datica! We attended and participated in two noteworthy conferences. Attending professional conferences either as attendees, speakers, or moderators gives us the chance to share knowledge with others in the industry, develop a better understanding of the problems and barriers our clients face, spot trends — and sometimes to enjoy the spotlight.

Datica on the Main Stage at Microsoft Build 2018 Developer Conference

This year’s Microsoft Build 2018 Developer Conference was held May 7-8, and Datica was featured as a healthcare solution provider on the main stage during Joe Belifiore’s keynote presentation. Datica’s platform connects Microsoft 365 Business Tools with electronic health records (EHRs), which solves workflow problems in clinical settings.

MSBuild Keynote

Because Datica’s platform is compliant with HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, and GxP, developers didn’t can achieve continuous compliance on Azure. During the conference, Kristina Behr, general manager, office of healthcare, Microsoft Corp, presented a set of bots and adaptive cards Datica built on Microsoft Teams that integrate with EHRs like Allscripts.

We are pleased to see Datica build technologies that help solve healthcare’s technology problems. - Kristina Behr, Microsoft

After Microsoft Build 2018, Datica’s platform is now available to be licensed on Azure, either on a customer’s own Azure account or, to add additional security and compliance, through Datica’s Cloud on Azure.

The Inaugural HLTH 2018 Conference

May 6-9 2018 was the HLTH: The Future of Healthcare Conference, which focused on disruptive innovation within the healthcare industry. Datica’s CEO and co-founder, Travis Good, MD, spoke during a session titled “From Automating to Orchestrating,” along with Alexi Gharib Naze, co-founder and CEO of Nomad Health, William L. Kerr, MD, CEO of Avalon Healthcare Solutions, and Ari Tulla, CEO and co-founder of BetterDoctor. The session was moderated by Luis Almeida Fernandes, partner, McKinsey.

HLTH Conference

During the session, the speakers discussed the difference in security and compliance. Dr. Good noted that security is easier than compliance. One of Datica’s most important foundational tenets is transparency, which is key to building relationships.

The speakers also described how their companies earn money. Datica’s clients find there is a significant cost savings using the platform when compared to hiring security and compliance professionals or when building their own solutions.

In terms of how big, legacy companies are innovating, Dr. Good suggested that some are now turning to the cloud. He expects more hybrid cloud use at legacy companies than a complete “lift and shift.”

Following the conference, Good authored a recap on HISTalk.

Two general themes prevailed throughout the conference. One centered on transforming the current healthcare business model to improve everything from interoperability, costs, and patient outcomes to physician burnout. The second theme that emerged throughout the conference focused on the exploration of entirely new business models that could transform the healthcare industry. - Travis Good, Datica

Both conferences were energizing and exciting, leaving attendees better-informed. As healthcare changes, the role of technology seems to be becoming ever-greater. Disrupting the way things have always been done creates an opportunity to improve healthcare from research to patient follow-up. Datica is excited to be part of that process.

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