March 8, 2018

Microsoft and Datica Digital Health Bootcamp at SXSW

Kris Gösser
Kris Gösser

Datica Alumni — Former Chief Marketing Officer

This coming Sunday, March 11, we are holding a day-long boot camp for digital health enthusiasts and entrepreneurs at South by Southwest (SXSW).

Microsoft is co-hosting with us. We are very excited for the opportunity to share insight on what makes digital health succeed with our friends at Microsoft who have an excellent set of speakers lined up with us.

Datica presentations at SXSW

I kick off the day with a comprehensive overview of the Digital Health Success Framework. As compared to previous talks I’ve given on the DHSF, this one is a little more expansive on the problems facing digital health ideas, products, and startups. We will dive into topics like payment models, clinical evidence, and other challenges unique to healthcare that I’ve not previously gone into as deeply.

Following me is an in-depth overview of EHRs, interface engines, and data interoperability challenges from Mark Olschesky. Those of you who know Mark know there are few in the industry who understand the nuanced challenges of data exchange in clinical settings. The topic will be new to most of the SXSW crowd, which is why we isolated it to its own session. It’s a topic that trips up most makers of digital health products, and is worthy of deep exploration.

After Mark and I go, Microsoft will present on three topics.

Microsoft presentations at SXSW

First, Julian Morelli will give a talk on the practicality of bots and AI in clinical settings. These new application experiences are possible, but whether they are useful or become adopted has so much more to do with the ecosystem surrounding it rather than the algorithms themselves. We’re excited for Julian’s presentation.

Rich diZerega will then take a deeper look at what types of data are available in healthcare. Patient or clinical data is critical to the success of most digital health ideas. It’s the lifeblood of an innovation. What we know is that there is a lot of it, but the uniqueness of healthcare means finding access to it is all but impossible. Rich will walk through where and how to find access to data in the industry.

Lastly, Ben Summers will finish out the day with a talk on how to leverage existing platforms to deploy your digital health innovations. There are many more opportunities to gain access to users, and thus obtain critical user adoption, than most of us realize. Ben’s talk is going to be an eye-opener.

We’re in this together

Digital health is really hard. Last October, we led a panel at Health 2.0 talking about the realities of digital health, flanked by veterans from Cedars-Sinai, Providence Health, and Omada. The session was so powerful, SXSW asked us if we were interested in sharing similar content at this year’s festival. We are thrilled with the opportunity.

Our goal is your success. It is an ethos shared by our colleagues in the health IT trenches at Microsoft. The spirit of this boot camp is to bring practical, actionable advice to the bleeding-edge of digital health thinking.

If you are attending SXSW, I encourage you to stop by on Sunday, March 11!

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