September 14, 2015

Multi tenancy is a key security design requirement — Our latest Academy entry

Mohan Balachandran
Mohan Balachandran

Datica Alumni — Former Co-Founder

Take a look at the recent Datica Academy entry, HIPAA and Multi Tenancy! As Datica continues to scale, we are regularly approached about our multi-tenant cloud hosting solution and the possible security challenges that could arise. In that spirit, this post is meant to clarify Datica’s security position and provide others with a few tips on best security practices.

Is the cloud multi-tenant?

The cloud by very definition is multi-tenant. Multi-tenancy is in referral to the means of operation of software where various independent occurrences of one or more applications operate in a shared environment. The occurrences (tenants) are cordoned off logically, yet still physically integrated; logical isolation must be complete to satisfy HIPAA compliance.

How does a multi tenant cloud help me?

The real benefit of a multi-tenant model is that the provider can maintain the shared infrastructure for all customers. This leads to lower costs through varying economies of scale because new customers will immediately gain access to the same software so scaling will have few infrastructure implications. This also increases the invested interest for vendors, like Datica, to ensure everything runs smoothly for customers. In a multi-tenant solution, a small glitch could disrupt all customers so it is imperative for vendors to continually allocate the necessary funds, energy, and time into ensuring uptime, continuity, and performance.

At Datica, we go several steps further than simply ensuring security and isolation on our multi tenant platform. We simplify compliance so that you can focus on your application features and direct consumers.

Our Academy continues to be a leading source for compliance insight

We believe understanding the relationship between multi tenancy, security, privacy, and HIPAA compliance is important. We are excited to offer a deeper technical explanation in our Academy entry on HIPAA and multi tenancy among our growing list of other essential topics in our Discover Healthcare Cloud resource center.

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