August 14, 2018

Welcome to a New and Improved!

Laleh Hassibi

Vice President of Marketing

At Datica, we strive to have our website visitors leave feeling more enlightened than confused — enlightened about best practices in healthcare compliance and integrations, as well as enlightened about who we are and what our products and services do. We’ve gone through several revisions of our website and, particularly, our product pages as we work to achieve the delicate balance of providing clarity on how Datica products and services work without going overboard on the technical details. The technology necessary to meet the compliance and interoperability requirements of healthcare in the cloud is not an easy thing to understand but we hope we’ve succeeded in making it at least a little bit easier with the recent re-envisioning of

If you’ve visited the Datica website over the past few years, you’ve seen it evolve through this process, from company branding and product name changes to updates to the Academy, Blog, and other resources. Today, I’m pleased to share the latest and greatest version.

Here are a few of the highlights of what’s new at

Compliant Kubernetes Service


Compliant Kubernetes Service (CKS) product page. We recently relaunched our compliant cloud product, moving it from the legacy PaaS platform to the much more scalable, open, and flexible Kubernetes service. We’ve written about the differences between a PaaS and Kubernetes in case you’re wondering why we made the move to Kubernetes. The new CKS page will hopefully answer all your questions about the key features and benefits of the Datica CKS. When you’re ready for more details, you can easily schedule a demo right from that page.

Compliant Managed Integration


Compliant Managed Integration (CMI) product page. With millions of monthly messages passed through Datica’s platform from more than 200 sites, we have the track record to understand the intricacies of integrating with an EMR system. This new CMI product page details the full suite of integration tooling you need to successfully complete an integration product with a clinical site. You can schedule a call with a Datica expert right from that page to get your integration project started.

Datica Webinars


Webinars are now recorded and available for you to watch anytime. If you’re trying to understand how Kubernetes fits into the big picture of compliance, you might be interested in watching two recent webinars by our CTO & CSO, Christopher Gerg. Start with Kubernetes and Healthcare Compliance for a general overview of how Datica makes Kubernetes clusters compliant to HIPAA, HITRUST, GxP, GDPR, and SOC 2 requirements, then watch Kubernetes and HITRUST compliance to get more specifics about deploying a Datica CKS cluster how we make HITRUST CSF certification possible on Kubernetes. You’ll also find other webinars of interest from multiple Datica compliance and integration experts on the new webinar page.

Discover Compliance Topics

The Discover Pages aren’t as new as some of the other pages but are worth pointing out in case you’ve missed them. Here, you’ll find resource hubs devoted to specific topics, such as HIPAA Compliance, GDPR, HIPAA Compliance on AWS, and more. These hubs serve as central informational repositories, compiled by topic, for the educational content from the Datica Academy, Innovation Hub, or Blog.

We hope the new and improved website answers your questions about industry best practices in general, and specifically about Datica products and services. As always, we’re here to help you succeed and are happy to answer any questions you still have so reach out to us anytime.

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