December 19, 2016

New Chief Operating Officer Deepens Epic Experience at Datica

Laleh Hassibi

Vice President of Marketing

You may have recently seen our press release announcing Datica’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Brian Lindstrom. Brian brings deep experience in healthcare coming from a job as CFO of Influence Health in Alabama and, before that, as Controller for Epic, where he played a key role in Epic’s rapid growth story.

Brian Lindstrom
Brian Lindstrom
Chief Operating Officer, Datica

We’re excited to have Brian helping to operationalize the vision and strategy for Datica’s two main product lines: compliant cloud and managed integration. Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit is a great addition to the mix of Datica employees whose blood runs through a similar vein. In fact, with Brian’s Epic experience, we now have a cumulative 36 years Epic experience at Datica.

Why Epic Experience Matters So Much

We got a chance to ask the seven Datica employees what it means to have worked at Epic before and why that’s so important to Datica customers. Here are some of the insights they offered.

  1. A Foundation in Healthcare “I owe my career in healthcare IT to Epic. Working at Epic was a wonderful platform to learn about information technology, infrastructure, and to work with and learn from some of the most influential people and the most influential healthcare organizations in the country,” said Casey Bryson, Chief Strategy Officer.
  2. Understanding How a Customer’s Business Works Rochelle Kokomoor, Implementation Director, said, “At Epic, my job was predominantly to ensure that Epic’s software met their customer’s needs, so I had the benefit of seeing EHR workflows from the end user’s perspective. So at Datica, we not only have firsthand experience about what our customers love and hate, but specific workflow knowledge on healthcare systems to which they are connecting. I often hear our customers say, ‘I’m really glad I have the interface but your insight into the clinical workflow and helping us design our product – that is amazing! That’s what we really needed.’ Our deep knowledge of their business and prospective users is the single biggest thing that we contribute to our customers.”
  3. Really Understanding EHRs “EHRs are so complicated with hundreds of them out there. They’ll never meet the entire industry’s needs. Now that I’ve left Epic, I’ve integrated with so many different EHRs and in every case, the one thing that I’m most proud of is that Datica is making it easier,” commented Rick Wattras, Lead Integration Engineer.
  4. What True Customer Success Looks Like “Epic’s delivery and support were topnotch with a culture that would not allow customers to fail. That culture of customer success is now part of our DNA and something all of us have brought with us to Datica. The end goal is not selling something, but making our customers successful. Coming up with models and EHR implementation strategies to do that at Datica is really exciting,” said Mark Olschesky, Chief Data Officer.
  5. Knowing Why Integration is So Hard and Yet Important Tyler Camp, Project Manager, added, “Healthcare issues are incredibly complex and unlikely to all be solved by the large EHR vendors. Innovation and integration with third party solutions is critical to solving the challenges faced in healthcare.”
  6. Expertise in Healthcare Data “Learning how healthcare worked, especially the access and payment side of things, was one of the crucial things I brought to Datica. That data experience and the technical skills that go along with it is an important foundation to helping customers succeed,” said Sean Sullivan, Healthcare Integration Engineer.
  7. Understanding The Pain Datica is Curing “Datica is blazing a trail on both sides of the business – integration and HIPAA compliant cloud. Datica uses managed hosting and integrations to solve interoperability problems that others have yet to solve. Datica is at the tip of the spear and trying to do something that hasn’t been done before,” concluded Brian Lindstrom, COO.

These employees have taken the underlying Epic culture to “always do good, while always keeping promises,” and have extended that sense of personal honor to how Datica treats its own customers. “The industry insight that emanates from this group of former Epic employees engenders the type of trusted expertise our customers value,” said Datica CEO and Chief Privacy Officer Travis Good, MD. “We feel fortunate to add Brian Lindstrom’s financial and operational leadership expertise into the mix.”

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