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Kris Gösser

Kris Gösser

VP of Marketing

December 2, 2014   Company Customers

When we started working with PACT on a tailored compliant environment for their growing platform, we were impressed. First, their product video brought a smile to our faces. But more importantly their vision and the talented team behind it reminded us again why we love working with digital health companies trying to innovate within healthcare.

Recently David Ahn reviewed PACT for iMedicalApps and came away with the same gushing impression as us. He claims to have been using it for over three years with success!

While David discusses more of the mechanics of the app itself, it’s really the greater place in the healthcare landscape that ties together PACT’s vision. Earlier Forbes wrote about how “Pact Is First Health App To Become An Insurance Plan”.

Keep rocking it, PACT!


Selling health tech means minimizing risk

Selling to large healthcare enterprises is challenging, especially for digital health applications. The major sales challenge in this space is overcoming risk.

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