September 28, 2017

Public vs. Private Cloud Computing Examined: Our Latest Quarterly Industry Report

Kris Gösser
Kris Gösser

Datica Alumni — Former Chief Marketing Officer

Last quarter, we published our first industry report titled The Heart of Medicine: Transformation Through Technology. The report took a look at how sentiments have changed the last few years around the topic of “cloud” within enterprise healthcare. Measuring the changes between a 2014 HIMSS study and their 2017 version showed that certain use cases on the cloud have not just taken off, but are commonplace—a good sign for the progress of digital health.

Each quarter we will bring a similar report focused on a key topic related to healthcare technology. The shape of a report can take many forms. One quarter might be an extensive data study while another quarter might be an aggregation of industry views. Regardless of the style of report, the intent remains the same: Inform the digital health market with insights that can help them be successful. There is no strategy without intelligence.

Today we are happy to share our latest report titled Public and Private Cloud Computing within Healthcare. The premise of this report is simple: the debate between Public vs. Private cloud models is ongoing, yet many digital health companies we speak with aren’t exactly sure their definitions, nor which model might be a fit for them. The cloud is expansive and complex. This report is meant to help breakdown the differences between the two, and source industry insights related to what is a good fit for healthcare.

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