November 28, 2017

re:Invent Day #2 — Looking toward the future

Ryan Rich
Ryan Rich

Datica Alumni — Former Chief Product Officer and Chief Security Officer

It’s the second day of AWS re:Invent and sessions are in full swing. I was able to attend several healthcare track sessions yesterday (including Datica’s) and the future looks bright. Healthcare is poised to fully embrace the cloud in 2018. The sentiment in the market has changed and it truly feels like we’re on the edge of a major shift in the approach healthcare organizations are taking when building and hosting their software.

Transitioning to today, the sessions were a bit different — but just as exciting. I attended three talks that discussed cutting edge fields that will have a major impact on healthcare in the next 5 to 10 years. Unlike healthcare’s adoption of the cloud in 2018, these new technologies will likely take a bit longer, but that’s not stopping us from getting excited.

AWS services and partners

The first session I attended was the Global Partner Summit Keynote, which was packed with several thousand attendees. We learned about several new initiatives and programs for Amazon Partners (Datica is an APN member, as well as a healthcare competency partner). These new changes will have a profound impact on how we work with our customers — from VPC sharing to new ways to integrate with the AWS marketplace. We’ll be announcing new ways to take advantage of both Datica and AWS in the future.

AWS Hyperledger Sawtooth Blockchain

Session number two was entirely focused on blockchain and blockchain technologies on AWS. We saw Intel present on Sawtooth/Hyperledger (a competitor to Ethereum) which is governed by the Linux foundation. Healthcare veterans like PokitDok use Sawtooth to enable their blockchain technology, DokChain. We’re excited to watch blockchain technology grow within healthcare.

AWS Neural networking

The last session of the day was on Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning. This was by far the most exciting talk of the day. There are several real world use cases that make sense for both Datica and Datica customers. From menial tasks like filling out 1500+ question security questionnaires, to providing smart analytics and predictive scoring for compliance, machine learning is a very real topic that we’re exploring deeply at Datica.

If you were in attendance for any of the these sessions and want to chat about AI, Blockchain or how Datica provides an unparalleled compliance experience on AWS, stop by booth #519.

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How a major Health System got onto AWS: Recapping the featured session today at AWS re:Invent

Kris Gösser

Chief Marketing Officer

Adam Leko and David Deas discussed how the Datica Platform helped Methodist Le Bonheur (MLH) health system get onto AWS through removing the burden of DevOps and security in a HITRUST CSF Certified way.

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The AWS re:Invent Ultimate Guide for Makers of Digital Health Products

Laleh Hassibi

Vice President of Marketing

With 1,000 sessions to choose from, we offer a bit of help to our friends out there in the healthcare industry who might be attending AWS re:Invent next week.

event-note November 21, 2017

HITRUST on AWS is possible! Find out how at HIMSS18

Kris Gösser

Chief Marketing Officer

HIMSS is only a week away! On Tuesday, March 6th, Datica is presenting on the topic of HITRUST in the AWS booth #1625 at 11:00am.

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