June 22, 2017

Shining the Spotlight on Datica Customers

Laleh Hassibi
Laleh Hassibi

Datica Alumni — Former Vice President of Marketing

We love sharing the amazing and diverse stories of Datica customers through both spotlights and case studies. Their origin stories, visions on how to change healthcare, and traction are all so compelling, and surprisingly diverse. It reminds us of the vastness of healthcare; the industry is full of things to be fixed, and there is no shortage of innovators ready to step up.

These three innovators — Cota, Clockwise.MD, and Arcadia Healthcare — the subjects of our most recent customer spotlights, are making waves in healthcare and we’re excited to share their stories.

Cota: Fundamentally changing how data informs every healthcare decision

Three years ago, Cota, a New York-based digital health company had three employees. Now, the company is using the minds of nearly 100 employees to solve one of the most difficult problems in healthcare — finding a way to provide a universal data model for healthcare to help physicians improve the standards of care. Ultimately, the company seeks to make changes not just to fundamentally change how clinicians use data and make decisions in healthcare, but to accelerate the pace of research in academic networks, and provide real-world evidence to pharmaceutical companies developing cancer-fighting treatments. As the company works to solve this challenge, it is producing a significant amount of research in the field and has been published in 15 peer-reviewed journals and delivered presentations at multiple industry conferences.

Read the rest of the Cota Spotlight to learn how Cota turned patient data into useable insights at scale, and their plans to expand beyond oncology.

Clockwise.MD: Improving patient satisfaction with timing technology

Coca-Cola, Delta, Home Depot, UPS — those are likely the business names that first come to mind when one mentions Atlanta. Yet, entrepreneurs and innovators are now the talk of the town with their kudzu-like startup growth. In 2013, startup Founder Michael Burke launched Clockwise.MD at the Atlanta Tech Village (ATV), with help from co-founders Phillip Han and Phong Si. ATV is a wonderful mix between incubator/accelerator and coworking space where roughly 225 other startups work to build their companies. At that time, Atlanta also had nine of the nation’s top health IT companies, which put it on track to become one of the top five US tech hub cities.

Now relocated across the street from Georgia Tech, Clockwise.MD taps technology talent from the university to expand and improve its online scheduling and wait time transparency solutions for healthcare organizations. Recognized in 2016 as a Best Place to Work in Atlanta and a Healthcare Hero by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the co-founders at Clockwise.MD have nailed down a healthcare solution that hit at the right time and in the right place.

Continue reading to learn what Michael Burke and his co-founders learned about patient experience, and about being in the right place at the right time.

Arcadia Healthcare Solutions: Bringing value-based performance management to the healthcare organizations changing the industry

Of healthcare’s structural problems, connecting data in the absence of sufficient standards looms large. By stepping in to fill the gap as a trusted connector, Boston-based Arcadia Healthcare Solutions is a leader at solving the massive data problems in healthcare that prevent both big and small organizations from having a meaningful impact.

Arcadia was founded in 2002 as a consulting firm primarily focused on insurers. Their specialty was systems integration throughout their first five years of existence.

Eventually in 2008 they started working on more tooling for a mix of health systems, independent provider groups and health plans, which lead to version 1.0 of the Arcadia Analytics platform. They built a deep expertise in Electronic Health Record (EHR) and claims data integration and supporting technology. That led to a conscious pivot in 2012 to a technology-first, SaaS-based analytics company.

And they haven’t looked back since. Arcadia augmented their analytics technology strengths with two acquisitions in 2011 and 2015 to build EHR infrastructure and managed care capabilities. Arcadia now connects 18 of the top 20 EHR platforms, have hundreds of live connections updated nightly, and work with premier health systems, health plans, and accountable care organizations across the country.

Read on to learn how Arcadia developed the right mix of experience and progressiveness.

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