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2015 Stanford Medicine X Conference Ignites a Revolution

Marcia Noyes
Marcia Noyes

Datica Alumni — Former Director of Communications

September 28, 2015   Company

There is no time like the present.

A message that rang clear at the 2015 Stanford Medicine X Conference, which transpired Sept. 23-27, bringing together the most innovative and thought-provoking leaders from far and wide. The conglomerate that ensued has commanded a full industry shift to improve healthcare. The opportunities are endless and the advancements on the horizon are revolutionary to making this transformation a reality. New technologies are allowing for this change towards increased patient engagement and interaction, while reducing resilience and reservations, leading towards a more involved and educated general populace.

Among these leaders, is the ever-engaging, cloud services fan, Howard Look. As, president and CEO of Tidepool, Look gave his presentation Like crawling through broken glass which covered the challenges of living with diabetes and how Tidepool’s participatory, open source platform is enfranchising data and creating an overall superior healthcare industry. By enabling a patient-centric, open sourced approach, Tidepool has been able to display a new model for product companies and the healthcare industry to provide improved quality care. Even more impressive, this approach is sparking a new mindset towards research utilizing donated patient data. On behalf of those seeking to improve healthcare, Datica applauds the efforts from the lean startup, Tidepool.

Following Tidepool’s example, Datica CEO and co-founder, Travis Good, MD, MBA, MS, was delighted and humbled to be called upon to present and partake in these innovative discussions. Not only was the experience to attend exhilarating in and of itself, but Dr. Good received the opportunity to give an Oral Ignite! Talk where he presented on compliant cloud computing and how it will accelerate healthcare innovation. The record-breaking Stanford MedicineX conference provided a wonderful opportunity to share thoughts that are sparking a mindset shift to cloud based, compliant environments. These thoughts stem from a series of uncovered challenges Datica has pinpointed in discussions with some of our nation’s top CIOs and healthcare entrepreneurs. Those discussions have centered on the problem of too many resources being allocated to building complicated, non-compliant infrastructures. Thrilled to be part of the solution, Datica’s cloud-based environments minimize the personnel, time, and finances that go into achieving complete compliance.

Stanford Medicine X 2015 surely was one for the books. The discussions will surely influence the industry in coming years. Datica is proud to have participated in those discussions, but also primed, with engines at full throttle to drive sweeping industry change through the cloud. Come along for the ride and we’ll see what exciting changes take place in 2016.