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Customer Testimonial Released: IT Challenge Leads to Datica Solution

Marcia Noyes

Marcia Noyes

Director of Communications

December 5, 2014   Company

“They didn’t try to oversell us; they spelled out the technical approach to a level that was completely clear and that I could understand. Also the chemistry was really great with their team. They are great people to work with.” – Mayank Thanawala, HealthLoop

We think the words of our clients say more about Datica than our own. That’s why when one of our clients has a challenge that Datica can meet and exceed we let them tell you about it.

Mayank Thanawala, Vice-President of Research and Development for HealthLoop – a company that is tracking patient recovery and improving outcomes with its automated patient follow-up solution, talked recently about his experience with switching his present hosting company to Datica and what led to that decision.

In the HealthLoop customer testimonial, Thanawala speaks from the HealthLoop offices in Mountain View, California, about his team’s challenge in finding a replacement hosting solution. The challenge? Find a more stable, secure and scalable infrastructure so that his team could focus less on compliance and spend more time concentrating on the company’s innovative healthcare product. The solution? Datica.

If you store, process, or transmit Protected Health Information (PHI), let’s chat about your compliance needs and how Datica can help.


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