December 14, 2018

The 2018 Hot List — What Healthcare Developers Were Reading

Laleh Hassibi

Vice President of Marketing

What were digital health developers and healthcare leaders reading to stay on top of their technology game in 2018? With 461,399 page views of Datica blog articles this year so far we have a pretty good idea of what was top of mind in 2018.

2018 Hot Topics

  1. Kubernetes vs. PaaS. Kubernetes® is dominating in 2018. If you’re not already thinking about Kubernetes or at least containerization, then you’re behind. Fortunately, containers and cloud native architectures have never been more accessible or easier to get started with. From infrastructure providers like AWS and Azure offering their own versions of managed Kubernetes, to organizations like Cloud Foundry offering Kubernetes services, the world is shifting toward containers. continue reading
  2. 2018 Healthcare Trends Part 2: Cash-Pay Practices Will Grow. Where is healthcare going in 2018? In the first article in this series, I outlined six trends for 2018 I predict we’ll see as the government, individuals, and private sector demand change this year. The first of those trends is an increase in cash-pay practices. Whether you call it cash pay, subscription medicine, direct primary care, or concierge medicine, the underlying commonality is cutting out the payors. continue reading
  3. 6 Healthcare Trends to Watch in 2018. It’s 2018, and the world looks much different than it did a year ago. Go back even further and the differences are even more stark. No place is that more evident than in healthcare. As the largest industry in the world, healthcare has weathered the most significant political waves of the last fifteen years. As the costs of healthcare increased unchecked, politicians took notice. continue reading
  4. What Exactly is a Digital Health Application?. Digital health is something of a buzzword in the industry right now, but evidence is emerging that digital health apps have the potential to both improve patient outcomes and save money across the healthcare system. What exactly is a Digital Health application though? continue reading
  5. 2018 Healthcare Trends Part 3: 6 Predictions for the Post-EHR World. Sadly, the biggest winners in our post-health reform world (post-HITECH and ACA) are neither patients nor providers; the big winners are electronic health record (EHR) companies and the cottage industry of consultants and services who support them. This isn’t an indictment of EHRs, though I don’t think EHRs have delivered on the promise of the triple aim. It’s merely a sad observation of the outcome of billions of dollars spent to improve healthcare. Regardless, we are here in 2018, and EHRs play a central role in the daily lives of providers and, by extension, patients. This third part of our 2018 Healthcare Trends series offers predictions of what we can expect to see in a post-EHR world. continue reading
  6. 2018 Healthcare Trends Part 5: The Real Cloud Comes to Healthcare. Information technology groups at healthcare organizations spend a colossal chunk of their time supporting and “optimizing” EHRs. And, with many of the largest EHR vendors, health system IT does it in-house using their own data centers. In addition to EHRs, hospital IT also has hundreds of smaller, often less essential technologies, that require care and feeding. Couple that with the needs to integrate applications and you quickly see why healthcare IT has such a huge backlog. continue reading
  7. 2018 Healthcare Trends Part 6: Beyond Digital Health Hype. Where is healthcare going in 2018? In the first article of Datica’s 2018 Healthcare Trends series, I outlined six trends for 2018. I predict volatility as the government, individuals, and private sector demand change this year. In this sixth piece of the series, I explore the fifth trend — moving beyond the digital health hype. continue reading
  8. Spring 2018 Report Review: A look at the Impact of Healthcare Innovation. Anyone familiar with the healthcare industry knows that a transformation is happening; it is not some distant event. Digital health is changing how healthcare is delivered and consumed, and innovation is at the heart of the transformation. Datica’s 2018 spring innovation report examines how the media is describing the digital health transformation through four articles from major industry publications. The report also examines insights from Accenture and the World Economic Forum surveys and takes a look back at HIMSS 2018. continue reading
  9. How Digital Health Succeeds and Fails — Datica at SXSW. At South by Southwest (SXSW) this month, Datica and Microsoft co-hosted a day-long digital health boot camp. The intent of this boot camp was to provide insights to the entrepreneurs and the digital health enthusiasts at SXSW in order to make it easier for new innovations and ideas to get off the ground. continue reading
  10. HITRUST on AWS is possible! Find out how at HIMSS18. AWS asked us to share our knowledge of HITRUST with their customers, or those organizations interested in being AWS customers, in a special 20-minute session held at HIMSS 2018. HITRUST is becoming one of the most important pivot points for any enterprise healthcare cloud strategy. We’ve seen this first hand ourselves, time and time again. continue reading
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