November 23, 2013

The New Catalyze HQ!

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

We moved into a new office this week. There is finally an official Catalyze HQ! We’ve been growing and hiring and having our own space has been long overdue. The move gets us out of the shared space we were using. That space was pretty far from ideal - bad layout and shoddy internet. The search for space was more painful than we expected, but thankfully it’s over now.

And the wait was well worth it. The new space is awesome! It’s across the street from the Capital Building in Madison in a historic building. We took almost all of the entire top floor of the building. The space was originally, about 100 years ago, a law library and there are still some legal volumes on the shelves dating back to the 1800s. The main conferences room, which I’m guess was a reading room at one point, still has the original oak table and also has a gas fireplace.

We also have some specific needs for controlled access and tracking visitors for HIPAA, and that is easily done because we control the floor and none of our space is shared. We’ll be using a mix of smart locks and smart entry systems to control and track access. We had to get created to find ways to get smart locks working on old door hardware, but we think we found a pretty good solution.

We need more furniture and more picture, but for now here is our first scrum in the new office.

(image: office.jpg)

Now we just need to furnish it. Thanks to Ikea and Amazon that should be relatively easy. If you’re in Madison, stop on by and we’ll show you around. Or, better yet, if you’re looking to join a startup bringing modern tech to healthcare, stop on by and claim a spot; the stand-up desks are going fast!