July 15, 2013

Too early or just right?

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

At catalyze.io, we are passionate about healthcare and we are on a mission to bring positive macro and micro change to it. We believe in the power of intuitive technology, semantically meaningful data, targeted big and little data analytics, and intelligent augmentation of existing relationships to power the future of health. In that vein, we are enabling builders, both independent as well as within larger organizations, create solutions to achieve just that.

Our healthcare backend-as-a-services can power an incredibly vast array of mobile and web applications in health and wellness.

We’ve found our mission resonates with healthcare organizations and developers; in other words, most people we talk to in the industry get what we’re trying to do. We sometimes, especially for non-developers, have to use concrete examples of health IT tools and apps to demonstrate the power of the catalyze.io platform in building the future of health technology. We also provide professional and advisory services to help organizations build internal capacity and get up to speed with their own app development environment and processes.

Despite that validation, our gut tells us that we’re early as a system-wide solutions platform for healthcare delivery organizations. I think some organizations, and we’ve talked to lots on both the provider and the payer side, are swamped with staying afloat, and don’t have the budgets to be looking at what is next - beyond EMR and ICD-10 and Meaningful Use and a host of other fires. Everybody understands the innovation catalyze.io wants to enable but not all organizations are ready to test the waters of that innovation.

The silver lining is that healthcare is huge and there are lots of provider enterprises that are ready to build with us, and we’re actively working with several of them. Academic centers, large integrated systems, and those systems that have been working on health technology initiatives for extended periods are ready to actively build engaging apps for both patients and providers. Those organizations are ready to start reaching patients everywhere, to start delivery care and education virtually on both mobile and web, to start closing the feedback loop between everyday decisions and wellness, and to start taking a broader and more informed view of patients through ongoing data collection. That’s really exciting to us and, to be honest, we’re surprised by how many such organizations we’ve found or have found us.

Aside from large healthcare delivery organizations like hospitals and health systems, we’ve also found that lots of physician groups are eager to tap into a platform like catalyze.io. With physician groups, we are often asked to help bring the front-end development help in addition to the backend platform; we have very talented partners and internal mobile developers that can help on the front-end, and a unified front- and back-end approach is likely an offering we’ll continue to refine and build out. In terms of what physician groups are looking for catalyze.io to empower, many of the requests are for apps and services to provide some form of virtual care to patients. The reasoning is two fold - 1) increased revenue by offering convenient, self-pay services and 2) differentiation in the marketplace when compared to other physician groups. Broadly we think of this as virtual concierge, something we’re very excited to see gaining interest and traction.

In addition to healthcare deliver enterprises, we’ve also begun working with a large payer and a couple large, self-insured employers. On the payer side, much of the interest in our healthcare backend services relates to the reduced cost and time to prototype and market apps for specific groups of members. On the employer side it’s similar except the employers love enabling internal IT departments to build their own wellness and benefits apps for the organization.

We’ll be spending more time talking on reference apps being built on catalyze.io to give a more concrete sense of what we can give you as a developer and as an enterprise user. If you can’t wait or you just want to learn more about why a backend-as-a-service platform is so awesome for healthcare, shoot us an email and we’d be happy to speak with you about it.

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