September 8, 2015

Two Healthcare Systems Partner with Vendors to Further Innovation

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Healthcare systems are currently presented with the opportunity to contribute towards worthwhile innovations. The intersection currently happening between domains is disrupting the industry, allowing healthcare enterprises to leverage their influence to control costs and quality of patient care. There are cogent forces driving these disruptive innovations such as the need for economical, intuitive, and automated products and services. One way that healthcare providers can drive this innovation is through strategic partnerships with vendors.

We at Catalyze salute those healthcare systems seeking to better the industry and would like to call attention to two transformative partnerships.

Cleveland Clinic & HealthSpot

Back in 2014, Cleveland Clinic, ranked a top five hospital in the nation for 21 consecutive years, partnered with HealthSpot, a health IT firm, to provide telemedicine kiosks to increase the scope of patient care. HealthSpot seeks to combine technology with physician expertise to offer a transformative patient-provider relationship. These kiosks are constructed for walk-in patients with minor conditions to receive treatment from their physician remotely. The kiosks are connected to Cleveland Clinic’s EMR system and integrates the information from patient’s visits into the patient’s record. Toby Cosgrove, MD, CEO, and President of Cleveland Clinic, said in a new release on the collaboration, “Healthcare innovation is essential to make care more accessible to patients. This relationship allows patients to utilize the latest technology to connect to Cleveland Clinic experts in a more convenient way. This strengthens our ability to meet the growing need of patients in everyday settings, delivering higher value for their healthcare dollar.”

Children’s Specialized Hospital & VGo

Children’s Specialized Hospital, the largest pediatric rehabilitation health system in the country, and VGo partnered to implement robot utilization that enables physicians to interact with special needs patients 24 hours a day, even when the physician is offsite. Children’s Specialized Hospital was the first pediatric rehabilitations hospital to facilitate “telepresence” technology. Christopher Haines, DO, CMO of Children’s Specialized Hospital was quoted in a news release saying, “Telemedicine is transforming the way we provide healthcare, and we are fortunate Children’s Specialized Hospital can offer this innovative tool to improve patient care and communications between healthcare providers and our patients.”

We look forward to following the positive results of these partnerships and many more like them. Do you know of any partnerships that are transforming the healthcare industry? Tell us by tweeting us! And if you want to hear about what other industry leaders have to say, read our annual Healthcare Innovation Series Report.

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