March 2, 2017

Visions of the Future of Digital Health at HIMSS 2017

Casey Bryson
Casey Bryson

Datica Alumni — Former Chief Strategy Officer

I am a visionary. I do not consider myself an entrepreneur. The team that surrounds me, my colleagues at Datica and our company advisors, build my entrepreneurial skills with each day that passes.

At HIMSS 2017, I surrounded myself with visionaries. I met with leaders of technology companies and healthcare providers. We shared our visions for the future of our industry and our conversations fuel how we build and execute our strategies. Most discussions focused on the forces pushing our industry to adopt SaaS solutions for digital health that improve patient outcomes, deliver excellent customer service, and create new models of care. The future vision includes applications that scale and integrate with EHRs at lightning speed. One quote I overheard said it best:

“We will be able to snap solutions on and off quickly to prove the concept and to find speed to value.”

As I reflect on my time on the exhibit hall floor at HIMSS it is clear that our industry’s digital culture is hyper-focused on the speed of innovation. For these visionaries, the future is very close. For other visionaries that don’t share this focus, the future may be a frightening place.

I got my start in HIT by installing Health Information Management (HIM) software. I worked with HIM professionals across the country to define, produce, and protect the sanctity of the legal medical record. As I had a break in my schedule I decided to pop into an educational session led by an HIM director who I had met in my previous life. The topic was information governance; an enterprise, top-down approach to hard cost savings tied to managing information as a critical asset. As AHIMA states,

“IG serves the dual purpose of optimizing the ability to extract clinical and business value from healthcare information while simultaneously meeting compliance needs and mitigating risk.”

My vision for the future has been enhanced

The future of digital health must include information governance. It starts with process and a line of questioning but many questions should be eliminated by a standard approach by information technology.

  • What does this application do?
  • Does it integrate with my EHR?
  • Does the vendor manage patient identity or encounter/contact moves?
  • How do I process data corrections?
  • How do I limit the risk of e-discovery?
  • Is this data part of our Legal Medical Record or Designated Record Set?
  • How will I manage all of these questions as the speed of digital health and departmental applications become more of a reality?

The core of Datica’s mission is to help our clients do what they do, better, by eliminating barriers to digital adoption. If your desire is speed to value, IT and HIM have to work in harmony.

My vision for the future of digital health includes IT systems being armed with a partner to manage backups, encryption, patient identity, data retention policies, and focus on data integration from the need to drive workflow and to support the production of the record.

I may not be an entrepreneur historically but my team has taught me that you have to focus on your core competencies to arrive at greatness, otherwise, you will end up being mediocre at everything. If you’d like to discuss health information management as we move toward a digital environment, drop me a line at

Datica provides a HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified platform for application hosting, development, and data storage and integration. Watch our video below to learn more about how we partner with health systems and hospitals.

Video: Listen to Casey Bryson describe Datica’s Strategic Services.


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