November 9, 2015

VUE15: Datica CEO talks mHealth History at Voalte’s First User Conference

Marcia Noyes
Marcia Noyes

Datica Alumni — Former Director of Communications

If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree. - Michael Crichton

On Thursday, November 12, 2015 Datica CEO and Co-founder, Travis Good, will be moderating a panel discussion on “Lessons from mHealth History” starting at 10:45am EST. VUE15 is Voalte’s first User Experience conference designed to be a collaborative endeavor with some of healthcare’s brightest minds together in one room. Founded with the intent to lead future mobile initiatives, VUE15 is geared toward innovative mHealth solutions. CEO of Voalte, Trey Lauderdale, who gave us the pleasure of being one of the newest additions to our Innovation series roster last week, was quoted saying:

“To me personally this is one of the most exciting things the company has ever pulled together. I have a really deep relationship with a lot of these customers that are coming. Five or six years ago, these companies went out and placed a bet on a small company. A lot of them put their necks on the line and by the fact that we were not only able to successfully deploy, but in some cases be wildly successful with smartphone deployments, it means so much to me personally to have all of these customers gather in one location for the first time.”

Lauderdale went on to speak about announcements to be made that will “rock this industry to the core,” so be on the lookout for the post-event recap blog post. And while Voalte is looking to transform the future, Datica CEO, Travis Good, is looking forward to unearthing the past of mHealth during his panel discussion. In the spirit of healthcare history, here are a few interesting facts:

  • The United States is actually responsible for most healthcare innovations. Although the United States healthcare system receives a lot of criticisms globally, the top American hospitals undergo more clinical trials than any other single developed country. Also since 1970, only five in the last forty-five years did a non-American scientist win the Nobel Prize in medicine or physiology.
  • From 1920-1930, the standard of medicine was reevaluated and quickly seen as a necessity. Many medical schools labeled as insufficient were shut down. This led to fewer trained physicians and a significant rise in healthcare costs overall.
  • Back in 1972, a group of scientists believed that the cure for the common cold was to freeze your big toe. The actual “science” that went into this study is still a mystery but many still believe that by freezing the big toe, the swollen membranes from a cold will be forced to contract, leading to reduced irritation.
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VUE15 Recap: Voalte, Uber & more

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Datica sponsored the VUE15 event, which took place in Sarasota, FL, and moderated a panel on lessons learned in mobile health and the path forward.

event-note November 16, 2015
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Trey Lauderdale, CEO of Voalte

Trey Lauderdale

CEO, Voalte

Trey Lauderdale stopped by to share Voalte's origin story and why he will not rest as CEO until every pager within healthcare has been replaced.

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VUE16 WOWs again

Casey Bryson

Chief Strategy Officer

For the second year in a row, Datica both attended and sponsored the Voalte User Experience (VUE16) in Sarasota, Florida. Here's a recap of all we learned.

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