April 17, 2019

Watch a live preview of Datica CCMS on April 24

Laleh Hassibi

Vice President of Marketing

Datica Cloud Compliance Management System (CCMS) is now available in a limited release and the initial reviews are extremely positive. CCMS will be available to everyone in a few short weeks and we’re excited to show you all the product can do for you.

Kris Gösser
Chief Marketing Officer

Awesome tool guys. Really. Thanks for saving us months of pain and headaches. Also, the application looks fantastic! - Datica’s 1st CCMS customer

In our last webinar, we gave a high-level overview of the three compliance products in the Datica product family. In case you missed it, you can still watch the recording.


Now, we’ll take a deeper look into compliance management and monitoring with a live demonstration of one of those three products, Datica CCMS. You’ll see how the CCMS is uniquely designed for developers and to the specific requirements of healthcare compliance.

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Kris Gösser, will demonstrate how CCMS:

  • Meets the needs of regimes like HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, and GxP with built-in policies and procedures
  • Continuously monitors the specific compliance controls that apply to healthcare Simplifies the process of proving compliance for healthcare developers with unique attestation features
  • Works hand-in-hand with the managed services on top of cloud providers that you want to use
  • Leaves control to use the cloud tools you want and solve security your way, without the worry of compliance

Watch the video preview and sign up for the April 24th webinar below. See you there!

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