May 11, 2018

What We're Building: Datica's Public Product Strategy and Roadmap

Ryan Rich

Chief Product Officer

Working with any organization requires a certain level of trust. Even something as mundane as purchasing groceries requires trust — trust in that what you are promising to give me is in fact aligned with my expectations.

We believe trust is earned with transparency. Since the founding of the company in 2013, transparency has been a central cultural tenant. It’s why we open sourced our internal company policies, which have been adopted by hundreds of organizations to accelerate their path to compliance on the cloud — it’s been 3 years and includes hundreds of HL7 integrations as Mirth transforms — and why we draft as much content as we do around complicated topics like HITRUST, HIPAA, GDPR, and so on. Transparency is how we, as a technology community, can better understand the complexity of security and compliance.

The trust that Datica’s customers instill in us goes far beyond a simple exchange of goods. We are not only securing the world’s most sensitive data, but providing a service to users that proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that we maintain the highest level of compliance in doing so. In order to continue building on that trust, and delivering products and services that support that mission, there is a necessity for more transparency. In this first effort to provide increased transparency around what we are doing and why, we are publishing our first public product strategy and roadmap.


If you’re a Datica customer, or you’re considering becoming one, you will rely on us to provide a product that is critical in running your business. Here is what you can expect.

Developer operations

The Platform is a fully automated continuous compliance management tool for the cloud. The cloud, and the shared responsibility inherit within, fundamentally change the compliance and data liability landscape. Regardless of the support, management, or compliance structure your organization chooses to use, at various levels, you will rely on Datica to provide cloud security and compliance services. Our goal is to get compliance out of the way so you can focus on using the cloud tools you want to use.

Visibility into liability and privacy agreements

The cloud is opaque when it comes to liability and data privacy. At Datica, we strive to bring transparency to your cloud operations and your data liability radius. This is especially important in the case of a data breach, security incident, or audit.

Compliance and security

Above all the rest is compliance and security. Our customers rely on us to provide the highest level of compliance with our HITRUST CSF certification, SOC2 Type 1 and 2, and full GDPR audit (more coming soon). Additionally, they’re trusting us to secure their cloud environments and ensure data protection at all costs.

Given how much our customers rely on us to do, they need to be a part of the conversation. They need to have full transparency of what we are building. That is not to say we’ve been developing the Platform in a vacuum. We work one-on-one with users on a daily basis. We’re constantly taking feedback and building that back into the product. However, we’ve not always been as transparent as we could have been when it comes to the current set of product initiatives. We’re hoping to change that with the public product strategy and roadmap (ex: “Hey, I see you’re working on an update to your vulnerability scanning component, feature X would be really nice…”, etc.). Our goal is to give the market a full view of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Cloud technology and the companies running the underlying infrastructure are moving at an incredible speed. By making our roadmap and strategy transparent, our hope is to gauge ourselves against this speed and adapt accordingly. Datica is a compliance and security company. The mechanisms by which we deliver those two value propositions will and should change with time.

Datica’s mission is to empower organizations around the world to take their preferred tools, use them in a cloud setting, and then provide and maintain the highest standards of security and compliance around those tools.

The Risk

Often when companies are first starting out they view their value as a secret. What they’re doing and how they’re doing it is seen as magic sauce. They want to harbor that magic. As companies grow and mature, they tend to learn that the magic is in execution, not the intellectual property or ideas. At Datica, we’ve assembled the best team of security, cloud, and compliance experts to execute on designing and delivering the most secure and compliant Platform for the cloud. We have no secrets to keep.

With that said, I’m proud to announce Datica’s public product strategy & roadmap. This document will serve as the window into Platform product development. To get the most out of this effort, we need to hear from you. Please send us your feedback, feature requests, and ideas to

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